Dermot Mulroney Walks Off ‘The View’ During Segment to Show Support for Writers During Strike (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Actor Dermot Mulroney is showing his support for nan writers connected onslaught — successful somewhat melodramatic fashion.

Mulroney walked disconnected “The View” during a conception that is scheduled to aerial connected Friday, a root tells Variety, explaining to nan hosts that he was going to “symbolically locomotion disconnected successful support of nan writers” arsenic he near nan shape towards nan extremity of his interview.

Before leaving nan stage, nan character asked nan hosts if they were getting fresh to spell to commercialized break and past thanked them earlier stepping disconnected mid-segment, according to an individual who was on-set, who adds that Mulroney’s question and reply was friends and went smoothly, covering topics of his upcoming Disney+ bid “Secret Invasion,” his past roles, his career, family and activity ethic and longevity successful Hollywood. When Mulroney near nan stage, Variety is told nan hosts remained master and Joy Behar plugged his Disney+ bid arsenic she tossed to break.

After his walk-off gesture, Mulroney returned to nan shape for photos pinch “The View” hosts during commercialized break.

Even though Mulroney’s conception was pre-taped, his conception will aerial precisely arsenic it happened, Variety hears, and nan infinitesimal pinch him leaving nan shape will not beryllium edited out. (In nan summertime months, “The View” airs unrecorded 4 days per week, but Friday shows are pre-taped.)

Variety has reached retired to ABC for comment, arsenic good arsenic a typical for Mulroney.

Mulroney was connected “The View” to beforehand his Disney+ show, Marvel’s “Secret Invasion,” which premieres connected Friday. (Disney owns Marvel and ABC, which airs “The View.”)

The WGA onslaught has now spanned complete 50 days pinch nary resolution. Earlier this week, hundreds of Hollywood national members gathered for a rally successful Los Angeles to guidelines successful solidarity pinch striking writers.

Many daytime shows person been affected by nan writers onslaught and put connected hiatus, but “The View” has continued to enactment connected nan aerial passim nan strike, arsenic nan mostly of its staffers are not national members. A mates of nan show’s writers are impacted and are not presently moving connected nan show, but “The View” is chiefly unscripted — arsenic regularly evidenced by nan hosts’ banter and hiccups.