‘Deli Boys’ Pilot Ordered to Series at Hulu From 20th Television (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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The Onyx Collective drama aviator “Deli Boys” has been ordered to bid astatine Hulu, pinch Brian George added arsenic a bid regular. 20th Television serves arsenic nan studio.

Created by Abdullah Saeed, nan half-hour, 10-episode bid stars Asif Ali and Saagar Shaikh arsenic Mir and Raj Dar, respectively. When their convenience-store magnate begetter abruptly dies, nan making out Pakistani-American Dar brothers suffer everything and are forced to reckon pinch their Baba’s concealed life of crime arsenic they effort to return up his mantle successful nan underworld.

George has been added to nan formed arsenic Ahmad, Baba’s workfellow who has ever had his oculus connected nan apical spot astatine DarCo and is consenting to play immoderate crippled he has to successful bid to return it. There’s nary emotion mislaid betwixt him and nan entitled boys he’s resented since birth.

George’s credits see “Seinfeld,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “I Feel Bad,” “Star Trek DS9,” “Austin Powers” and more. He is repped by Ellis Talent Group and Vault Entertainment.

Other antecedently announced formed members see Alfie Fuller arsenic Prairie, who is described arsenic “Raj’s ‘shaman,’ a drugged-out Afro-futurist hipster who lives pinch him and various different hangers-on successful ‘stoner heaven’ luxury,” arsenic good arsenic Poorna Jagannathan arsenic Lucky, Baba’s right-hand woman. She tin beryllium “very caring aliases a take-no-prisoners leader lady, depending connected what’s needed.”

Jenni Konner and Nora Silver developed “Deli Boys” via Jenni Konner Productions. Both executive nutrient alongside Saeed and showrunner Michelle Nader. Nisha Ganatra directed nan shaper and executive produced pinch Vali Chandrasekaran.