Costner Exiting “Yellowstone” After Season 5

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Kevin Costner will not beryllium returning to “Yellowstone” aft nan existent 5th play ends, according to ET Online.

The outlet reports that location is still nary update connected erstwhile nan formed and unit are going to return to Montana to decorativeness shooting nan remaining episodes of nan show’s 5th play – starring to disorder and vexation among nan cast.

Reports emerged backmost successful February of alleged turmoil betwixt bid prima Costner and nan show’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan complete nan actor’s filming commitments to nan remaining episodes of nan existent season.

At nan time, a spokesperson for Paramount Network said “Costner is simply a large portion of Yellowstone and we dream that’s nan lawsuit for a agelong clip to come.” Costner’s attorney, Marty Singer, fired backmost astatine nan allegations pinch a connection calling nan claims of Costner only consenting to activity 1 week connected nan 2nd half of play 5 “an absolute lie”.

Still, nan turmoil seemed to manifest erstwhile overmuch of nan formed were no-shows astatine a antecedently announced sheet astatine PaleyFest successful Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, a once-rumoured spinoff bid starring Matthew McConaughey and bringing successful overmuch of nan halfway “Yellowstone” formed (aside from Costner) is officially moving guardant astatine Paramount Network.

The news comes arsenic it was revealed yesterday that Costner’s woman of much than 18 years, Christine Costner, has revenge for divorce.