CoPro Israel Market Unveils Panels, Speakers Including BBC Storyville and CBC Execs (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Execs from BBC Storyville and Canada’s CBC are among nan speakers lined up for Israel’s CoPro marketplace adjacent month.

Emma Hindley, lead commissioning editor astatine nan BBC’s documentary strand Storyville, and CBC commissioning editor Jordana Ross will beryllium among nan movie and tv manufacture leaders connected shape astatine nan conference.

Other confirmed speakers see France Télévisions commissioning editors Renaud Allilaire and Caroline Behar, POV coordinating shaper Robert Y. Chang, Impact Partners exec shaper Lauren Haber, Participant Media head Amanda Hillsberg Arya, Arte G.E.I.E. commissioning editor Catherine Le Goff and RAI Documentari head Fabrizio Zappi.

CoPro, which celebrates its 25th day this year, will besides big reps from awesome networks including BBC, Arte, NBC, and Netflix arsenic good arsenic accumulation companies and distributors. They will meet pinch Israel’s astir salient documentary makers successful a bid of in-person events including pitches, rough-cut screenings, and meetings.

Meanwhile CoPro will besides big nan pursuing panels:

La Ronde – French Industry Spotlight
A sheet chat pinch leaders from nan French movie and tv manufacture featuring France TV’s Renuad Allilaire and Caroline Behar, Arte France’s Alexandre Marionneau, Arte G.E.I.E’s Catherine Le Goff, TF1 Historie’s Elisabeth Hagstedt, CNC’s Victoria Dominé, Federation Studios’ Myriam Weil and StudioFact Media Group’s Julie Tolza.

Let’s Talk Politics!
A group of world professionals who will research nan value of governmental documentaries and their real-world impact. Panelists see BBC Storyville’s Emma Hindley, Media Participants’ Amanda Hilsberg Aryeh and filmmaker Dror Moreh.

CoPro is group to return spot June 5-8 successful Tel Aviv.

Pictured supra l-r: Emma Hindley, Jordana Ross