Clip from Cannes-Bound ‘Anselm,’ Wim Wenders’ 3D Portrait of Artist Anselm Kiefer, Debuts (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Variety has been fixed entree to an exclusive clip from “Anselm,” nan 3D documentary from nan three-time Academy Award nominated head Wim Wenders. The movie will person its world premiere astatine nan Cannes Film Festival arsenic a Special Screening.

HanWay Films is handling world sales. It will beryllium released by Les Films du Losange successful France and DCM successful Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In “Anselm,” Wenders creates an immersive image of Anselm Kiefer, 1 of nan astir innovative and important painters and sculptors live today. Shot successful 3D and 6K-resolution, nan movie presents “a cinematic acquisition of nan artist’s activity which explores quality beingness and nan cyclical quality of history, inspired by literature, poetry, philosophy, science, mythology and religion,” according to property notes.

For complete 2 years, Wenders traced Kiefer’s way from his autochthonal Germany to his existent location successful France, connecting nan stages of his life to nan basal places of his profession that spans much than 5 decades.

Considering whether his non-fiction films for illustration this 1 are “documentaries,” Wenders says: “I recognize 1 thing: I’ve ever wanted to sprout my ‘documentaries’ arsenic if we were progressive successful a fiction. Inversely, successful my fabrication films, I ever preserved nan documentary facet that each enactment of filming includes, nary matter what’s successful beforehand of nan camera. Places and group – and I see actors successful that class – merit to beryllium seen ‘as they are’ and ‘as what they want to be,’ could beryllium aliases could person been. In fact, categories are strictly location to categorize and sanction experiences, and they truthful very often do a disservice to them.”

Wenders asks himself: “What I dream for an assemblage to return distant from nan acquisition of ‘Anselm’? That they time off down categories and opinions, time off down immoderate preconception of what creation tin beryllium aliases tin achieve, and conscionable return successful nan stunning scope of this awesome German romantic, poet, philosopher and visionary Anselm Kiefer.”

Cinematography is by Franz Lustig, euphony is by Leonard Küßner, and nan movie is edited by Maxine Goedicke. It was produced by Karsten Brünig for Road Movies.