Cillian Murphy Says ‘Peaky Blinders’ Fame Can ‘Ruin Experiences’: ‘It Kind of Destroys Human Behavior’ |

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By nan clip Cillian Murphy brought warfare seasoned and gangster Tommy Shelby to life connected “Peaky Blinders,” he had already starred successful astatine slightest 1 scary classical (“28 Days Later”), a Cannes victor (“The Wind That Shakes nan Barley”) and 4 Christopher Nolan blockbusters (including cardinal supporting roles successful “Batman Begins” and “Inception”). And yet, it was Shelby and nan British gangster play that ran for 6 seasons and 36 episodes that turned Murphy into an world star, nan benignant that gets recognized everyplace he goes.

During a caller question and reply pinch Rolling Stone UK, Murphy lamented complete nan explosive fame that “Peaky Blinders” ignited. The character said specified fame “can ruin experiences, because it fetishizes everything: you tin beryllium stepping down nan thoroughfare and personification takes a image for illustration this is simply a fucking event. It benignant of destroys nuance and quality behavior, but that’s portion and parcel of it. Fame evaporates pinch regularity.”

“I’m astir present each nan clip and nary 1 gives a fucking shit,” Murphy said astir nan question and reply location, which was group up successful his location state of Ireland. “Nobody cares. I spell to nan shop. It dissipates. But if…one of nan guys from ‘Succession’ walked successful here, I’d beryllium each intimidated and shaky. When you’re confronted pinch personification you’ve invested a batch in, aliases you deliberation is amazing, nan brushwood is strange.”

“I don’t really partake. I don’t spell out,” Murphy added. “I’m conscionable astatine location mostly, aliases pinch my friends, unless I person a movie to promote. I don’t for illustration being photographed by people. I find that offensive. If I was a woman, and it was a man photographing me…No comment. I deliberation it’s nan Tommy Shelby thing. People expect this mysterious, swaggering…it’s conscionable a character. I do consciousness group are a small spot underwhelmed. That’s fine, it intends I’m doing my job. ‘Peaky’ fans are amazing. But sometimes I consciousness a small sad that I can’t supply — for illustration — that charisma and swagger. He couldn’t beryllium further from me.”

“Peaky Blinders,” created by Steven Knight, premiered connected BBC Two overseas (its last 2 seasons moved to BBC One), but nan show’s presence connected Netflix exploded its popularity. The bid finale aired successful April 2022, but Knight has been outspoken astir continuing nan communicative successful a characteristic film.

“If there’s much communicative there, I’d emotion to do it,” Murphy told Rolling Stone UK astir a “Peaky” movie. “But it has to beryllium right. Steve Knight wrote 36 hours of television, and we near connected specified a high. I’m really proud of that past series. So, it would person to consciousness morganatic and justified to do more.”

Murphy adjacent stars successful nan lead domiciled of Christopher Nolan’s atomic explosive play “Oppenheimer,” successful theaters July 21 from Universal Pictures.