‘Ciao House’ With Alex Guarnaschelli Renewed for Season 2 at Food Network (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Molto bene! Food Network has renewed its caller Italian cooking title “Ciao House,” hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabriele Bertaccini, for a 2nd season.

“Shot on-location successful Italy, nan bid takes 10 rising culinary stars connected nan travel of a life to unrecorded successful a breathtaking Italian villa and compete against each different arsenic individuals and successful teams to beryllium their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes,” per Food Network’s logline. “Each episode’s culinary challenges are steeped successful contented and nan competitors must besides navigate alliances and rivalries arsenic they prime their ain teams and each week, nan losing squad must ballot disconnected 1 of their own. In nan end, nan past cook opinionated wins a life-changing expansive prize: an immersive culinary acquisition crossed Italy, training pinch renowned Italian maestro chefs.”

Production will statesman connected “Ciao House” Season 2 later this year.

The eight-episode first play of nan title aired connected Food Network’s linear transmission from April 16 to June 4 and streams connected Discovery+ and Max.

Per Food Network, “Ciao House” Season 1 reached much than 13.7 cardinal full viewers crossed Food Network, Max and Discovery+. The first play averaged a 0.73 standing among adults 18 and up and a 0.96 among women complete 18, according to Live + 3 Day Nielsen data, which is up 62% and 71%, respectively, from Food Network’s year-to-date premier average.

“A fierce culinary title successful beautiful Tuscany is simply a dream task and we are thrilled our assemblage loves ‘Ciao House,’” Betsy Ayala, Warner Bros. Discovery’s caput of nutrient content, said successful a connection to Variety. “We knew early connected this bid was incredibly unsocial and offered viewers thing they’ve ne'er seen from Food Network earlier – we can’t hold to commencement moving connected play two.”

“Ciao House” is produced by Super Delicious for Food Network.