Chile’s Julio Rojas Penning First RomCom After Podcast Hit ‘Case 63’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Chile’s preeminent scribe Julio Rojas, whose serial podcast “Case 63” was Spotify’s astir celebrated podcast successful Latin America and was adapted into English pinch Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac starring, is penning his first romcom aft nan world occurrence of “Case 63.”

Titled “Detras de ti” (“I Got Your Back,” moving title), nan upcoming task is being co-produced by Spain’s EvaFilms and David Naranjo’s Pris & Batty, champion known for its deed comedies “8 apellidos vascos,” “8 apellidos catalanes” and “Toc toc.”

“Ever since I listened to ‘Case 63,’ I was very keen to activity pinch Julio and bring his activity to nan large screen,” said Eva Cebrián of EvaFilms, adding: “Julio is an indisputable storyteller who has astir understood nan audio format, fixed his heavy acquisition arsenic a screenwriter.”

While Rojas has a predilection for sci-fi projects, Cebrián pointed retired that romance was very overmuch intrinsic to his work. “Detras de ti” will beryllium a departure for Rojas, but it’s group successful nan adjacent early and will still carnivore science-fiction elements.

Rojas is besides known for co-writing Pablo Fendrik’s Latino sci-fi bid “The Shelter,” communicative editing Lucia Puenzo’s “La Jauria” and penning a number of acclaimed features, led by Marcela Said’s “The Summer of Flying Fish” and Matias Bize’s “The Memory of Water.”

To beryllium directed by Vicente Villanueva, (“Toc toc”), “Detras de ti” centers connected 24-year-old Joaquin, an aspiring screenwriter who while trying to onshore a occupation astatine a streaming platform, forms portion of an “image support team,” a apical concealed work wherever a group of nerds successful a power room link visually and aurally pinch a personage to guideline him done situations and make him look much intelligent, imaginative and talented than he really is.

When Joaquin sees his client, B-list character Daniel Casañas, commencement falling successful emotion pinch nan aforesaid woman he loves, nan boundaries betwixt quality and reality statesman to blur for everyone. This is “a romanticist drama successful a world wherever nan existent and nan artificial, wherever nan authentic and nan evident turn progressively muddled,” nan synopsis says.

EvaFilms and Pris & Batty are besides co-producing imagination communicative “La Ternura” which is being changeable successful nan Dominican Republic.

EvaFilms was founded successful 2019 by Cebrián, who held executive positions astatine pubcaster RTVE arsenic caput of movie and later, of TV programming. She besides founded OnDemand Media, an audiovisual shaper and advisor successful Mexico and Spain, was an advisor to nan integer imaginative agency Social Noise and was head of caller projects and developments for Stage Entertainment Spain, a institution that produces immoderate of nan astir successful musicals successful nan world. 

Rojas is represented by Agencia La Luz, a talent guidance agency and task incubator founded by Constanza Arena, nan erstwhile executive head of CinemaChile, that represents galore of Chile’s foremost writing, directing and acting talents.