Charades, Mubi Re-Team on ‘Bring Them Down,’ With Barry Keoghan Christopher Abbott (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Following connected their collaboration connected Charlotte Wells’ “Aftersun,” Charades has boarded world income connected upcoming Mubi-backed accumulation “Bring Them Down.” 

Starring Barry Keoghan, Academy Award nominated for “The Banshees of Inisherin,” and Christopher Abbott (“Sanctuary”), a Golden Globe nominee for “Catch 22,” “Bring Them Down” marks nan first characteristic from writer-director Chris Andrews, down award-winning short films “Fire” (2015) and “Stalker” (2019).

On “Aftersun,” Charades took connected world income duties, pinch Mubi boarding to return distribution authorities to aggregate territories – specified arsenic U.K.-Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – conscionable arsenic nan films bowed successful 2022 Cannes Critics’ Week. 

For “Bring Them Down,” Charades will waste world authorities extracurricular North America, U.K., Ireland, Latin America and Italy wherever Mubi retains each rights.

Colm Meaney (“Gangs of London”), Nora-Jane Noone (“Wildfire”), Paul Ready (“Motherland”), and Susan Lynch (Happy Valley”) besides star. 

“Bring Them Down” turns connected Michael (Abbott), nan past boy of a shepherding family, who harbours a unspeakable secret, having withdrawn from nan world to unrecorded pinch his ageing begetter (Colm Meaney). 

When confrontation pinch a rival husbandman Gary (Paul Ready) and his boy Jack (Keoghan) spirals retired of control, Michael is embroiled successful what nan synopsis describes arsenic a “devastating concatenation of events, forcing him to face nan horrors of his past and leaving some families permanently altered.”

“I americium thrilled to partner again pinch Mubi on this very typical movie. Chris’ beardown imagination for this thriller allowed him to pull for his debut nan champion imaginable partners and nan astir talented cast,” said Carole Baraton, Charades’ co-founder, adding: “We are excited to adhd up nan champion international distribution web to that team.”

Bring them down is produced by Ivana MacKinnon at nan U.K.’s Wild Swim (), Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde at Tailored Films successful Ireland, U.K.-based Jacob Swan Hyam and Jean-Yves Roubin and Cassandre Warnauts, astatine Belgium’s Frakas Productions. 

Mubi backed nan filmin conjunction pinch Screen Ireland, nan Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and nan U.K. Global Screen Fund, a accumulation exemplary which allows it up-stream engagement successful a films besides supported by European co-producers and immoderate soft money they tin bring to nan array positive a prestige income agent. 

“Bring Them Down” joins a Cannes income slate which features “The Hedgehog” head Mona Achache’s typical screening, “Little Girl Blue,” starring Marion Cotillard and inspired by Achache’s real-life mother, and “The Goldman Case,” from Cédric Kahn, based connected nan existent communicative of a French left-wing intellectual facing life successful situation and his attorney, which opens Directors’ Fortnight.

A 3rd Charades title, Kamal Lazraq’s “Hounds,” group connected nan mediocre outer-radius of Casablanca, premieres successful Un Certain Regard; Katell Quillévéré’s period narration play “Along Came Love” is group for a Cannes Premiere screening;  and “Chicken for Linda!,” co-directed by Sébastien Laudenbach (“Girl Without Hands”), will play parallel conception ACID, earlier screening successful main title astatine June’s Annecy Animation Film Festival.