Charades Boards Animated Feature ‘Flow’ from ‘Away’ Director Ahead of Annecy’s WIP Showcase (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Charades (“Mirai,” “I Lost My Body”) has acquired “Flow,” a 3D animated characteristic directed by Gints Zilbalodis, nan Annie-nominated filmmaker of “Away”.

Produced by Sacrebleu Productions, Dream Well Studio and Take Five, “Flow” will beryllium presented successful nan Work-in-Progress conception successful Annecy.

Zilbalodis penned nan characteristic pinch Matiss Kaza astatine Dream Well Studio and Ron Dyens (“Barking Island”) astatine Sacrebleu Productions who are acting arsenic co-writers and producers.

“Flow” is presently successful accumulation successful Marseille, Paris and Bruxelles, pinch an expected transportation day during nan 2nd 4th of 2024.

“Flow” is group successful nan aftermath of a unspeakable flood that ravages nan world and follows a stubbornly independent feline who is forced to stock a vessel pinch a group of different animals. Getting on pinch them proves to beryllium an moreover greater situation than surviving nan flood.

Zilbalodis, a Latvian filmmaker and animator, made his characteristic debut astatine nan property of 24 pinch “Away.” The movie won nan Contrechamp Prize for champion characteristic movie astatine Annecy. “Away” was besides selected astatine complete 85 festivals, sold successful 18 territories, and earned a information astatine nan Annie Awards. Prior to “Away,” Zilbalodis directed 7 short films, spanning hand-drawn, 3D animation and unrecorded action.

“As a instrumentality of galore films that Charades has worked on, I consciousness that they’re nan cleanable fresh for bringing a unsocial and individual communicative for illustration ‘Flow’ to audiences worldwide,” said Zilbalodis.

The animated characteristic will beryllium released by UFO Distribution. It was produced successful relation pinch Arte France, Canal+ and Ciné +, supported by nan Latvian Film Center.

“Flow” is an “allegory of nan societal and governmental situations we look successful these difficult times, done nan animals and their misadventures. Individualism and collectivism collide wrong this band,” said Charades.

“We were blown distant by Gints first characteristic movie ‘Away,’ which he did alone. Imagining what Flow would beryllium pinch nan support and inspiration brought by a full squad was different logic to judge successful Gint’s very unsocial yet cosmopolitan communicative telling,” said Yohann Comte astatine Charades.

Dyens said, “The aforesaid time I saw ‘Away,’ I contacted Gints and suggested we activity together. Sacrebleu is honored to beryllium progressive successful this incredibly belief work.”

Kaza said, “This is my first animated task arsenic a co-writer and producer, and moving together pinch Gints successful his immersive and poetic style has been an absolute joy. We dream to bring that joyousness to audiences already adjacent twelvemonth pinch nan thief of our partners successful France and Belgium – it will beryllium a transformative and epic audiovisual adventure.”