Cate Blanchett, Zar Amir Ebrahimi Set to Attend Locarno Fest Launch of Noora Niasari’s ‘Shayda’ |

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Cate Blanchett and Zar Amir Ebrahimi are group to be nan Locarno Film Festival’s closing nighttime to beforehand nan European motorboat of Iranian-Australian head Noora Niasari’s debut movie “Shayda.”

Blanchett is an executive shaper connected nan drama, which world premiered astatine Sundance and scored nan Utah festival’s assemblage award. “Shayda” stars Ebrahimi – who collapsed retired past twelvemonth arsenic a Cannes prizewinner for her domiciled successful “Holy Spider” – arsenic a home unit subsister during nan ’90s successful Australia who demands a free life connected her ain terms, distant from nan protector of her abusive husband.

Variety professional Tomris Laffly successful her review praised Ebrahimi’s move successful “Shayda” arsenic a “quietly commanding performance” and underlined nan film’s “unmistakably feminine tone of perseverance, 1 that runs chaotic and free successful this promising debut.”

“Niasari nimbly and steadily deepens ‘Shayda’ pinch a filmmaking style that carries traces of a documentarian’s off-the-cuff alertness, braiding it pinch qualities akin to a thriller,” Laffly noted.

Blanchett connected nan day of Aug. 12 will besides mean a speech betwixt Niasari and Ebrahimi connected “Iranian women and Iranian cinema” up of nan “Shayda” screening connected Locarno’s 8,000-seat Piazza Grande.

The “Shayda” screening will beryllium followed by different screening of a astonishment movie history classical chosen by outgoing Locarno president Marco Solari arsenic his salute aft a 20-year stint during which nan fest bolstered it position arsenic Europe’s preeminent indie cinema temple.

The afloat lineup of nan Locarno Film Festival will beryllium unveiled connected July 5.

The 76th version will tally Aug. 2-12.