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The 2nd play of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Lord of nan Rings: The Rings of Power” bid is successful accumulation successful nan UK. However, nan show’s starring woman Morfydd Clark, who plays Galadriel, has been capable to tease immoderate of what to expect.

The mega-budget show’s first play ended pinch nan forging of nan 3 elven rings by Celebrimbor, pinch each having names – Vilya, Nenya, and Narya. In ‘Rings’ lore, Galadriel ever wore Nenya.

Meanwhile, Gil-Galad (Benjamin Walker) was fixed nan different two, and he passed Vilya to Elrond (Robert Aramayo) and Nanya to Cirdan, nan second passing that connected to Gandalf. The show will present nan Cirdan character, nan oldest surviving Elf connected Middle Earth, successful nan 2nd season.

Appearing astatine an FYC arena successful Hollywood past nighttime alongside immoderate formed mates arsenic each are connected break from shooting, Clark says of her characteristic this season:

“She’s astir to person a life-changing point hap to her. She’s astir to go acquainted pinch Nenya, her ring. It’s really breathtaking to spot really nan magic creeps in.

When we vanished Season 1, nan rings were being made, and we knew it was going to beryllium a immense alteration for Middle Earth. [Galadriel] is going to beryllium portion of that alteration because she has her ain ring. She’s trying to spot nan ray done nan darkness.”

Peter Mullan, who portrays Dwarf King Durin III successful nan series, teases that further rings will besides beryllium forged erstwhile nan show returns: “There are much rings; nan show is called The Rings of Power. Maybe I’ll beryllium getting a caller necklace, who knows?”

Though tight-lipped astir nan King’s accessories, he confirmed his character’s narration pinch his son, Prince Durin (Owain Arthur), “gets very problematic.”

Ismael Cruz Cordova, who plays Elf warrior Arondir, says nan caller play is group to spell noticeably darker:

“We were successful a clip of comparative bid successful Season 1 and each that gets shaken up. Now we’re dealing pinch nan aftermath of this large evil that is now concrete. We sewage nan feline now; Sauron is here. In Season 2, we’re grappling pinch that. These characters are grappling pinch their elvish-ness aliases their dwarf-ness, pinch their humanity and their loves. What you’re going to spot is nan extent of our reality and really it is expressed. That’s wherever it each takes off.”

Owain Arthur, who plays Prince Durin, confirms his character’s bromance pinch Elrond will get much clip successful nan caller season, which is expected to aerial sometime adjacent year.

Source: Deadline