Cannes-Bound Biopic of French Sailor Florence Arthaud Boarded by Other Angle (EXCLUSIVE) |

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“Flo,” a biopic of celebrated French sailor Florence Arthaud slated to world premiere astatine Cannes’ Cinema de la Plage, has been boarded by Other Angle. The French income institution will present nan movie to buyers astatine Cannes.

Set to unspool connected May 19, “Flo” charts Arthaud’s unsocial accomplishment successful nan male-dominated world of sailing, notably her triumph of nan Route du Rhum, a transatlantic sailing race, successful 1990. The movie besides portrays Arthaud arsenic a fiercely independent female who chose to unrecorded her dreams to nan fullest alternatively than travel her pre-determined path.

The movie is directed by Geraldine Danon and is produced by Manuel Munz, successful relation pinch Metropolitan which will merchandise nan movie successful French theaters connected Nov. 25.

“Flo” stars Stephane Caillard, Alison Wheeler, Pierre Deladonchamps, Charles Berling, Alexis Michalik and Marlyne Canto.

”It’s a existent pleasance to activity pinch Metropolitan again aft our collaboration connected ‘The Best Years of a Life’ by Claude Lelouch,” said Olivier Albou, co-founder of Other Angle.

“Manuel Munz is simply a agelong clip friend and collaborator, and we are very proud of this epic movie and besides a very friendly image of this fearless female that was Florence Arthaud,” Albou continued.

The world premiere of “Flo” will return spot connected nan formation facing nan Sainte-Marguerite land wherever Arthaud was buried.

While it’s mostly focusing connected comedies, Other Angle has aimed astatine expanding its scope pinch different types of prestige films, for lawsuit “Simone, a female of nan Century,” a biopic of Simone veil which was nan 3rd biggest section connection deed astatine nan French B.O. successful 2022.

“Florence Arthaud was a pioneer and her triumph astatine nan way du Rhum 30 years agone is still a landmark today. The first female to triumph that benignant of a title successful a very masculine world,” said Albou, adding that he hopes “this communicative will resonate arsenic overmuch arsenic our past year’s biopic ‘Simone’ that was sold successful astir countries astir nan world.”