Bruce Berman, Former Village Roadshow Pictures Head, Launches Through the Lens, Asia-Based Film Studio (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Bruce Berman, a elder executive who was antecedently president and CEO of Los Angeles-based Village Roadshow Pictures, has travel retired of status to committee nan recently-founded movie workplace Through nan Lens Entertainment.

The company, founded by shaper Aditya Chand, is headquartered successful Singapore pinch operations successful nan U.S. and Japan. It intends to harvester nan opportunities of nan East and nan powerfulness and acquisition of nan workplace systems successful nan West, “to connection a caller workplace ecosystem retired of Asia, that is built for nan integer age.”

Two movie projects are already underway and a 3rd pinch “Slumdog Millionaire” prima Frieda Pinto is successful development.

Berman is taking nan title of president and co-chairman and will subordinate nan committee of nan institution that was incorporated successful 2021. Another VRP alumnus, Robert Corbin is joining nan institution arsenic its main financial officer. Corbin was antecedently VRP’s executive head of finance and operations and earlier that was astatine Lionsgate. Fred Wang, a seasoned Hong Kong-based accommodation guru and caput of Salon Films, is besides a committee member.

Through nan Lens will attraction connected processing and producing a divers slate of movie and TV projects, concentrating connected world talent and East-West stories. It will besides beryllium progressive successful providing financing, accumulation support and distribution services to filmmakers from emerging territories and run arsenic a level for caller talent.

Chand told Variety that nan institution would typically beryllium progressive successful projects that scope successful fund from $1.5 cardinal to $25 aliases $30 cardinal and that nan slate will see local-language and English-projects, and characteristic films and constricted TV series.

“We are starting pinch a operation of supporting East-West independent films and caller studio-level IP,” said Chand. “The momentum is very overmuch successful Asia these days, but it remains difficult for emerging filmmakers to break through, win and integrate. We look to nan illustration of Run Run Shaw and really he built Hong Kong [as a powerhouse successful world cinema betwixt nan 1970s and 1980s] arsenic thing of a domiciled model.”

Berman said that productions will beryllium a operation of in-house developed projects, which whitethorn beryllium wholly owned and those brought to nan institution by streamers and studios. Their origins, successful turn, will find whether properties are brought to marketplace via nan independent income way aliases successful tandem pinch a larger corporation. “We are unfastened to some routes,” said Berman. “Both [Chand] and I are cinephiles. So, nan important point for america is that [projects] are memorable.”

Upcoming projects that nan institution is progressive successful presently includes “The Incident Report,” directed by Naomi Jaye (“The Pin”), which changeable successful nan autumn of 2022 and began post-production earlier this year. The literate adjustment stars Britt Lower (“Severance”) and is executive produced by Oscar-winner Charlie Kaufman (“I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” “Anomalisa”).

Another slate constituent is “Left-Handed Girl,” a Taiwanese characteristic movie written directed by Shih Ching Shou (“Tangerine”) and produced by Sean Baker (“The Florida Project”). It is besides successful post.

“SkySong,” is simply a south-Asian fairytale that is being co-produced pinch Pinto and her institution Freebird Films. The characteristic is successful early stages of pre-production and a comic book is successful development. Animatics will follow.

Through nan Lens said that its accumulation and financing infrastructure is already progressive successful Singapore, Japan, Thailand and New Zealand and is “fully-embracing nan benefits of caller integer blockchain technologies that are undoubtedly shaping nan future.”

Berman was antecedently president of worldwide accumulation astatine Warner Bros. Pictures and followed that pinch astir a 4th of a period astatine Village Roadshow Pictures, a accumulation and finance institution that agelong operated arsenic a Warner partner. His credits see executive accumulation of “Joker,” “Ocean’s Eight” Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi escapade “Ready Player One,” Clint Eastwood’s “Sully,” George Miller’s “Mad Max” and “Sherlock Holmes.” He was an executive shaper connected “The Matrix” franchise.

“Asia has immense untapped imaginable and opportunities arsenic a imaginative hub and ecosystem for nan world movie and TV industry. I americium thrilled to beryllium partnering pinch Aditya to create a high-tech workplace for nan East that will showcase nan champion of what Asia has to connection for today’s ever evolving worldwide market. We are building a well-rounded and innovative institution that is fresh to blend nan champion of imaginative storytelling pinch state-of-the-art technology,” said Berman successful a prepared statement.

Chand, who was calved successful Japan, lived successful Singapore and was knowledgeable successful New York, claims filmmaking, accumulation and finance roles. He said, “Our workplace is simply a spot wherever productivity and invention tin thrive, and wherever movie and TV makers tin attraction connected value and originality.”