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TOLEDO, Spain — Carmen Machi (“Piggy,” “30 Coins”), 1 of nan foremost performers of her procreation successful Spain, is attached to play legendary Barcelona supplier Carmen Balcells, premier designer of nan Latin American Boom and a cardinal fig successful nan break retired of Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa to worldwide renown. 

Chile’s Invercine, shaper of “News of a Kidnapping” which swept April’s Platino Awards, is teaming pinch Spain’s Abacus, Pausoka and Grupo Lavinia to create and nutrient “Boom Agency” (“La Agencia del Boom”) which turns connected Balcells bonzer life, accomplishment and personality. The woody was confirmed to Variety at Conecta Fiction.

The bid besides turns connected Balcells’ worst nightmare, nan rupture of nan heavy relationship betwixt her prima writers, Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García-Marquez, whose rift collapsed nan backmost of nan Boom. 

Spain’s Oscar Pedraza, co-director of HBO España’s “Patria,” is attached to direct. Colombians Verónica Triana (“News of a Kidnapping”) and Alvaro Perea (“Cuando Colombia se volvió Macondo”) are penning nan scripts. Invercine’s Matias and Macarena Cardone, Abacus’ Marc Roma, Pausoka’s Xabi Zabaleta and Grupo Lavinia’s Ruben Mayoral service arsenic executive producers.  

“This co-production is simply a awesome strategical confederation pinch an unthinkable synergy successful each nan imaginative processes wherever we person mixed talent from different countries which has strengthened nan communicative and made it much charismatic erstwhile looking for finance, and creating different business models, while choosing nan champion strategy,” said Macarena Cardone. 

A fable successful literate circles, Balcells is comparatively chartless to nan wide public. She established nan Carmen Balcells Literary Agency successful 1956 astatine nan property of 25 successful a fusty Spain still nether nan arcane norm of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship but rocked by tourism, past nan Beatles and Cuba’s Revolution.

She had everything against her. She was calved successful a village, alternatively than into Barcelona’s elite. She championed Latin American writers erstwhile Barcelona looked up to France. Most of all, she was a woman. “Your problem, Carmen,” José Manuel Lara, caput of Planeta, Spain’s biggest publishing house, erstwhile told her successful public, “is that you don’t fuck.” Balcells burst into tears.

“Carmen Balcells is simply a young female who attempts to find her measurement successful a machista and intelligence nine of nan time, to show that she’s tin of giving world fame to writers specified arsenic Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa,” “Boom Agency’s” logline runs. 

“So this intends breaking a fewer rules connected nan way, sacrificing her family life and becoming a benignant of omniscient God who attempts to power everything,” it went on.   

Balcells’ luck was to champion writers who were revolutionizing Latin American literature, abandoning its stolid societal realism for a belated but thorough-going modernism, heavy influenced by William Faulkner, multiplying characteristic voices, shuttling from different time-periods successful novels sluiced by anti-authority politics, slang, corrosive communal connection and nan libertinism of nan ‘60s.

Xabi Zabaleta, Macarena Cardone, Matias Cardone Courtesy of Invercine Producciones

One example: “At what precise infinitesimal had Peru fucked itself up?” Santiago Zavala, nan co-protagonist of Mario Vargas-Llosa’s “Conversation successful nan Cathedral,” asks successful its 2nd sentence.

The series’ whitethorn tie connected thing of this style. “The thought is to operation galore clip periods dynamically, moving from past to coming successful a highly visual, fast-paced measurement pinch an acerb humor, truthful that those who lived astatine that clip will beryllium moved and caller generations will want to cognize more,” Pedraza said.

Balcells besides put done her ain revolution, abandoning all-rights longterm contracts pinch Spanish publishers to divided up circumstantial rights, crucially keeping backmost translator deals which she past sold for sometimes lucrative sums. 

The worldwide fame of Gabriel García Márquez is based connected nan flamboyant “magical realism” of “100 Years of Solitude.” But it besides owed overmuch to nan commercialized aggression of Balcells, which, for example, allowed a young Vargas Llosa to dedicate himself wholly to writing.

“Vargas Llosa, García Márquez, Donoso, Vázquez Montalbán…. Spanish-language literature’s Golden Age cannot beryllium understood without nan unthinkable publication of Carmen Balcells, a female up of her clip who was visionary and passionate. As producers we judge nan communicative is well-worth telling: nan lives of its protagonists are connected a par pinch their awesome work,” said Zabaleta.

To beryllium capable to power their careers, Balcells offered to put Vargas Llosa and García Márquez connected monthly stipends if they relocated to Barcelona. Both did. 

“This is an integrated co-production betwixt Latin America and Spain, which unspools successful nan ‘70s successful Barcelona which is wherever nan Latin American Boom took place,” Matías Cardone added.