Bondit Finds Synergies and Revenue with Buffalo8 Post Production |

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By nan mid-2010s, BondIt Media Capital was thriving, backing 50 projects a year, arsenic good arsenic producing its ain slate done its Buffalo8 division. But its post-production pipeline was a chaotic tangle, employing an uncoordinated operation of talent moving astatine accommodation dispersed crossed nan map.

Simply put, “it was unsustainable,” says BondIt CEO and co-founder Matthew Helderman.

Then, successful 2017, an opportunity presented itself: a post-production location was exiting its lease connected a 10,000-square-foot abstraction successful Hollywood, leaving some nan building and an awesome magnitude of instrumentality and unit up for grabs. Helderman and BondIt COO and co-founder Luke Taylor stepped successful and Buffalo8 Post Production was born.

The installation has afloat image and sound teams connected staff, including image editors, colorists and ocular effects artists and supervisors, ADR artists, sound designers, editors and mixers. 

“We built it for group who emotion movies, who want to find safe harbor successful 1 building that tin do soup-to-nuts post-production from editorial to delivery” says Jonathan Sheldon, caput of post-production astatine Buffalo8.

Sheldon came into nan BondIt orbit successful nan mid-2010s erstwhile he approached Helderman astatine nan America Film Market successful Santa Monica and sounded his services.

“He said nonstop maine 5 shaper referrals,” recalls Sheldon. “I did that and possibly 3 weeks later he said, ‘I’ve sewage a philharmonic group successful Paris successful nan thirties, and we request post-production connected each ends of it.’”

In nan area of VFX, Buffalo8 handles a wide scope of CGI, including group extensions and look replacement. “We tin person our image squad look astatine nan footage, make determinations of what should beryllium ocular effects, and past nonstop it to nan ocular effects creator who’s successful nan aforesaid abstraction and we get that activity done quickly and affordably,” says Sheldon.

Although Buffalo8 Post Production has provided BondIt pinch nan synergy it was seeking, handling in-house projects ranging from nan Sesame Street doc “Street Gang” (pictured above) to nan scary movie “Becky,” Helderman says that much than 50% of its gross comes from extracurricular business, including projects from Blumhouse Prods. and Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network.