‘Black Panther 2’ Actor Tenoch Huerta Calls Sexual Assault Allegation ‘False and Completely Unsubstantiated’ | instastori.com

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Tenoch Huerta, champion known worldwide for playing nan villainous Namor successful Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” is firing backmost against a intersexual battle allegation made against him by musician María Elena Ríos. In a connection sent to Variety and published connected his Instagram, Huerta called Ríos’ claims “false and wholly unsubstantiated,” adding, “I cannot fto it spell unchallenged immoderate longer.”

“About a twelvemonth ago, I dated Elena for respective months,” Huerta wrote. “It was wholly consensual astatine each times, arsenic countless others tin attest. And passim it was a loving, lukewarm and mutually supportive relationship. After it ended, however, Elena began to misrepresent our interactions some privately and successful beforehand of groups of communal friends.”

“As a result, a fewer months ago, I engaged a ineligible squad to commence nan due actions to protect my estimation and refute these irresponsible and mendacious accusations that tin origin awesome prejudice and damage,” he continued. “Although I americium by nary intends perfect, I cognize that these allegations are simply untrue. And while I will ever activity to amended myself, I request to title claims that are some mendacious and offensive.”

Ríos, a saxophonist and activist, publically accused Huerta of intersexual battle successful a Twitter thread successful which she called nan Marvel character a “sexual predator.”

Huerta added successful his statement: “I americium profoundly grateful to my family and nan group who person supported maine and greatly admit everyone who is consenting to look astatine nan facts and bespeak earlier rushing to an untrue and cruel conclusion.”

Marvel has yet to corroborate erstwhile Huerta’s Namor will re-appear successful nan Marvel Cinematic Universe pursuing his debut successful “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” A typical for Marvel has not responded to Variety’s requests for comment.

Additional reporting by Adam B. Vary.