‘Bill & Ted’ Star Alex Winter’s YouTube Doc Scores Theatrical Release Courtesy Drafthouse Films (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Drafthouse Films has acquired world distribution authorities to Alex Winter’s documentary “The YouTube Effect.”

The film, which made its world premiere astatine nan Tribeca Film Festival successful 2022, explores nan ascension and imaginable autumn of YouTube, nan world’s astir celebrated video-sharing website. In nan docu, YouTubers, reporters, and experts measurement successful connected nan platform, its algorithms arsenic good arsenic privateness and ethical issues nan tract presents.

“The YouTube Effect” will unfastened exclusively pinch Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas connected July 7 earlier expanding to theaters nationwide connected July 14.

Several films directed by Winter, who starred alongside Keanu Reeves successful nan original “Bill and Ted” movie and its sequels, person played astatine Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas successful caller years, including “Zappa,” “Panama Papers” and “Deep Web.”

“Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a agelong history of collaborating pinch Alex Winter,” says Alamo Drafthouse Cinema laminitis Tim League. “It is simply a thrill to spot Drafthouse Films excavation successful moreover deeper to administer this unthinkable and very timely film.”

Winter has besides teamed pinch Kanopy, an acquisition streaming platform. “The YouTube Effect” will debut connected Kanopy and different integer platforms aft July 14.

“We’re thrilled to beryllium collaborating pinch Drafthouse Films and Kanopy connected our release”, says Winter. “The unparalleled standard of Google’s YouTube has important and problematic implications worldwide and has received overmuch little attraction than its competitors.”

Producers see Winter (Trouper Productions), Gale Anne Hurd (Valhalla Entertainment) and Glen Zipper (Zipper Bros. Films).

“With ‘The YouTube Effect,’ we want to radiance a ray connected its benefits and dangers successful nan hopes of fostering a speech connected really nan level tin beryllium made safer,” Hurd says. “YouTube is simply a level arsenic arguable arsenic it is entertaining and yet, for acold excessively long, nan wide nationalist has been kept successful nan acheronian astir really its algorithm tin thrust users down vulnerable conspiracy mentation rabbit holes.”

The doc’s executive producers see Michael Cho, Mimi Rode and Tim Lee of Olive Hill Media, Michael Y. Chow and Sue Turley of XRM Media, Kevin Lin of Metatheory and Ian Orefice, Rebecca Teitel and Mike Beck for Time Studios.

The woody was negotiated for nan filmmakers by Amanda Lebow astatine CAA and Drafthouse Films ‘s Nick Savva and Ahbra Perry. Drafthouse Films is representing world income for “The YouTube Effect” astatine adjacent week’s Cannes Film Market.