Beldocs Festival Chief Holds Minute’s Silence for Victims of Mass Shootings in Serbia Ahead of Festival Opening in Belgrade |

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On Tuesday, connected nan eve of nan opening of Belgrade’s Beldocs Film Festival, show head Mara Prohaska Markovic sent her condolences to nan families of those killed successful 2 wide shootings successful Serbia successful caller weeks, including 1 successful Belgrade.

After a minute’s silence, Prohaska Markovic presented nan films that will surface successful nan 16th version of nan festival, which runs May 10-17.

“Like an Island”

The show opens pinch Mladen Kovačević’s “Another Spring,” astir nan 1972 smallpox pandemic successful Yugoslavia, and will adjacent pinch a movie astir Serbian rapper Dalibor Andonov Gru, “Gru Is Here.”

The program, whose recurrent themes see relationships and nan value of land, has a full of 105 films, among which are 9 world and 4 world premieres, arsenic good 91 Serbian premieres, dispersed crossed nan 2 title programs, and respective sidebar sections.

Ten films will play successful nan International Competition Program, which are arsenic follows:

In Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento’s “Adieu Sauvage,” nan filmmaker, a descendant of nan Cácuas, an almost extinct indigenous Colombian group, explores nan feelings, emotion and nan loneliness of Indigenous communities successful nan Amazon, and reconnects pinch his ain roots.

Canadian doc “Bloom” from head Fanie Pelletier delves into nan world of today’s teenage girls, watching their fascination pinch societal media and their tortuous personality building done self-representation.

Turkish-German doc “Forms of Forgetting” from head Burak Çevik follows mates Nesrin and Erdem arsenic they talk astir their relationship, which they don’t retrieve successful precisely nan aforesaid way.

Similarly, Swiss-Indian filmmaking mates Maria Kaur Bedi and Satindar Singh Bedi research their ain narration successful nan hybrid autobiographical movie “The Curse,” wherever nan 2 are divided by addiction and are trying to prevention their love.

Continuing pinch nan taxable of quality relationships – this time, nan narration pinch oneself – French doc “The Other Profile” follows its ain maker, Armel Hostiou, arsenic he discovers he has a 2nd (fake) Facebook floor plan and travels to Kinshasa successful bid to look for his double self.

Karim Kassem’s doc “Thiiird” is nan communicative of a mechanic who, successful a colony extracurricular Beirut, realizes he not only has to repair his customers’ cars, but besides nan customers themselves.

German-Armenian doc “Landshaft” from head Daniel Kötter sketches nan psycho-geography of a politically charged scenery and its inhabitants betwixt extractive industries, warfare and displacement, pursuing quality and non-human actors arsenic they make their measurement done nan scenery from Lake Sevan to nan Sok golden mine, occupied by Azerbaijan since nan Karabakh War successful 2020.

“Landshaft” Courtesy of Syndicado

Following nan taxable of nan value of nan onshore successful relationship to war, Slovak filmmaker Paula Mal’árová’s doc “Territory of Imagination,” having its show debut astatine Beldocs, explores nan practice of warfare successful a territory of long-lasting peace.

In “Like an Island,” Swiss head Tizian Büchi follows 2 watchmen who unafraid nan stream that runs done a vicinity successful nan metropolis of Lausanne, Switzerland, and who, during their rounds and encounters pinch nan inhabitants, observe and are observed, and bonds are formed.

Finally, successful “Cisco Kid” Emily Kaye Allen follows Eileen, a young solitary maverick who forges a life among nan remnants and lingering memories of Cisco, a godforsaken shade municipality successful Utah.

“Cisco Kid” Courtesy of Emily Kaye Allen

The Serbian title program, a operation of mean magnitude (“Aurora’s Deam” by Dragana Jovanović, “Boogies Demons” by Ivan Šiljak, and “I’m People, I americium Nobody” by Svetislav Dragomirović), shorts (“And nan River Still Flows” by Jovana Radenović, “Balls” by Gorana Jovanović, and “End of nan Road” by Ivana Todorović), and characteristic docs (Alesandra Tatić and Eluned Zoe Aiano’s “Flotacija” and “Another Spring” by Mladen Kovačević) pinch 3 world premieres, explores nan past while besides delving into a wide assortment of people’s much individual stories and histories successful nan shape of dreams aliases careers.

Beldocs is nan first doc show successful nan world that will beryllium presenting nan Audentia’s Award, a rate prize of 30,000 euros, that has been instigated by Eurimages alongside a raft of different measures to beforehand greater gender equality successful nan European movie industry. Twelve films made by female filmmakers crossed each sections of nan fest will beryllium vying for nan award, including Anna Hints’ Sundance victor “Smoke Sauna Sisterhood.”