BBC Finds Ousted Chair Richard Sharp Showed No Conflict of Interest During Tenure |

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The BBC has unveiled its findings pursuing a reappraisal into nan behaviour of recently-ousted chair Richard Sharp. The corp said Sharp’s behaviour did not springiness emergence to immoderate conflicts of interest.

Sharp resigned 2 weeks agone aft it was revealed he had helped erstwhile Prime Minister Boris Johnson unafraid a indebtedness successful 2020 conscionable weeks earlier Johnson recommended him for nan domiciled of BBC chair. Sharp was past formally appointed successful Jan. 2021.

Sharp, a banker and erstwhile chair of nan Royal Academy of Arts, did not disclose nan section during his exertion for nan role, an omission that constituted a “significant correction of judgement” a parliamentary enquiry said. An charismatic study by nan Department for Culture, Media and Sport concluded that Sharp had breached nan rules for nationalist appointments, prompting him to measurement down.

The BBC besides conducted its ain review, headed by 3 non-executive members of nan BBC board’s nominations committee, successful bid to ascertain whether Sharp had shown immoderate conflict of liking during his tenure arsenic chair of nan organization. “The committee confirmed it had nary concerns successful respect of nan Chairman’s integrity while successful nan role,” nan broadcaster said successful a statement.

But it added that Sharp grounded to make nan “relevant declarations” astatine nan outset of his tenure “to debar immoderate imaginable perceived conflicts of interest.” His nonaccomplishment to do truthful contravened nan board’s codification of practice.

Sharp is group to stay arsenic interim chair until June. His successor has not yet been announced.