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The BBC has acquired nan Australian type of deed gameshow “The Traitors” for broadcast and streaming this summer.

“The Traitors Australia,” which sees contestants compete for a prize of AUS $250,000 successful a luxury edifice successful nan Southern Highlands, is group to driblet connected BBC Three and iPlayer connected July 9. It is hosted by Rodger Corser.

“’The Traitors’ is an addictively fiendish format and I americium truthful pleased that viewers tin get their summertime hole of treachery and suspicion arsenic we caput Down Under for nan Australian type of nan show connected BBC Three and iPlayer,” said Nasfim Haque, caput of contented for BBC Three.

The Australian type follows nan U.K. and U.S. adaptations of nan Dutch series, which person some been a deed for nan broadcaster. All3Media International reps world authorities to “The Traitors.”


Sky News is group to merchandise nan 2nd successful its three-part bid “Women astatine War.” Hosted by warfare analogous Alex Crawford, nan bid sees Crawford sojourn nan women trapped successful immoderate of nan world’s astir dispute environments.

In nan 2nd episode, directed by head Toby Sculthorp, Crawford travels to Mexico, wherever much than 50,000 women person died since 2018 and 24,000 person disappeared, galore astatine nan hands of cartels. The doc will beryllium released connected July 3 connected Sky Documentaries before being repeated connected Sky News on July 4.

“Our ‘Women astatine War’ bid takes viewers to immoderate of nan astir vulnerable and dispute places successful nan world, to countries and cities wherever women often autumn unfortunate to abuse, silencing and execution astatine nan hands of men,” said Crawford. “In Mexico we witnessed an pandemic of unit fuelled by nan supplier cartels which is leaving thousands of women missing aliases murdered.”

The first section successful nan series, which debuted past year, was group successful Afghanistan. The 3rd and last movie will attraction connected Yazidi women successful Syria and Iraq. It will travel retired later this year.