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If Barbie ends up successfully escaping Barbie World, her ngo in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming “Barbie” movie, she mightiness find that nan quality world isn’t truthful different aft all.

Here connected Earth, location are Barbie Lego sets and Barbie pillow cases, Barbie roller skates and Barbie underwear — nan culmination of nan dozens of brands jumping connected nan Barbie hype up of Gerwig’s highly anticipated and high-wattage film, retired July 21.

The latest merchandise successful nan drawstring of Barbie collaborations is simply a new electrical toothbrush from nan oral hygiene institution Moon, who was announced coming arsenic nan exclusive oral beauty partner to nan “Barbie” movie. The limited-edition Barbie x Moon set, disposable coming for $79.99, comes pinch a basking pinkish electrical toothbrush and bubble mint whitening toothpaste.

The brand’s signature electrical toothbrush comes pinch a matching recreation case, adorned pinch nan “Barbie” movie logo successful achromatic lettering, alongside a charging lawsuit and 2 brushwood heads.

The electrical toothbrush itself boasts 36,000 sonic vibrations per infinitesimal for a heavy clean, pinch 5 civilization sonic modes: Clean, White, Polish, Massage, Sensitive. The brushwood heads are made retired of ultra-fine, tapered Dupont bristles for optimal scope astir each tooth. Plus, it features a 2-minute guided brushing timer pinch 30-second intervals.

And for those arsenic pink-obsessed arsenic Barbie, nan postulation moreover comes pinch Barbie-inspired toothpaste, successful a sparkling pinkish colour and bubble mint flavor.

Barbie x Moon Pink Electric Toothbrush

Barbie x Moon Pink Electric Toothbrush $79.99 Buy Now