‘Barbie’ Set Visitors High-Fived Ryan Gosling but ‘Wouldn’t Say Anything’ to Margot Robbie: ‘They Just Looked at Her’ and Made Her ‘Self-Conscious’ | instastori.com

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Greta Gerwig revealed successful a caller question and reply pinch Rolling Stone that immoderate “Barbie” group visitors made Margot Robbie consciousness “self-conscious” during filming erstwhile they interacted acold much pinch her co-star, Ken character Ryan Gosling, than they did pinch her. Gerwig was talking astir nan clip nan unit spent filming a rollerblading segment successful Venice Beach. Set photos from nan scene, featuring Robbie and Gosling successful neon outfits, exploded connected societal media past summertime during production.

“How Barbie operates successful Barbieland is she’s wholly continuous pinch her environment,” Gerwig said. “Even nan houses person nary walls, because you ne'er request to hide because there’s thing to beryllium ashamed of aliases embarrassed of. And abruptly uncovering yourself successful nan existent world and wishing you could hide, that’s nan principle of being human. But erstwhile we were really shooting connected Venice Beach, pinch Margot and Ryan successful neon rollerblading outfits, it was fascinating because it was really happening successful beforehand of us.”

“People would spell by Ryan, high-five him, and say, ‘Awesome, Ryan, you look great!’ And they wouldn’t really opportunity thing to Margot,” Gerwig said. “They’d conscionable look astatine her. It was conscionable surreal. In that moment, she did consciousness self-conscious. And arsenic nan director, I wanted to protect her. But I besides knew that nan segment we were shooting had to beryllium nan segment wherever she felt exposed. And she was exposed, some arsenic a personage and arsenic a lady.”

Gerwig added, “To beryllium fair, Ryan was like, ‘I wish I wasn’t wearing this vest.” [Laughs.] But it was a different benignant of discomfort.”

The rollerblading outfits became 1 of nan first viral sensations to look from nan “Barbie” movie. Appearing connected “The Tonight Show” past year, Robbie called nan photograph leaks “mortifying.”

“I can’t show you really mortified we were, by nan way,” Robbie said erstwhile big Jimmy Fallon showed nan “Barbie” group photograph to viewers. “We look for illustration we’re for illustration laughing and having fun, but we’re dying connected nan inside. Dying. I was like, this is nan astir humiliating infinitesimal of my life.”

When asked if she ever thought nan “Barbie” group photos would predominate net buzz nan measurement they did, Robbie responded, “No! I mean, I knew that we had immoderate exteriors to sprout successful L.A. I knew erstwhile you were doing exteriors, you’re gonna get papped. There’s astir apt going to beryllium a small crowd of group who are going to return announcement because, you know, we guidelines retired a small spot successful those outfits. So I knew location was going to beryllium a small spot of attention, and astir apt immoderate photos would get retired there, but not for illustration it did.”

Robbie concluded, “It was for illustration mad. It was for illustration hundreds of group watching each time.”

“Barbie” opens successful theaters nationwide July 21 from Warner Bros.