‘Barbie’ Gets 12A Rating in the U.K. For Strong Language, Mild Innuendo and ‘Dangerous Behavior’ | instastori.com

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While this summer’s hotly-anticipated “Barbie” movie has only dropped nan vaguest hints astir what fans tin except, nan British Board of Film Classification has offered immoderate much clues aft awarding nan movie a 12A standing connected Monday.

The org., which is responsible for property standing films successful nan U.K., cited “bleeped beardown language,” “moderate innuendo” and “dangerous behaviour,” referring to a segment successful which “a kid melts a doll’s hairsbreadth utilizing a lighter” to explicate nan 12A classification.

Among nan specifications that made nan BBFC determine nan film’s younger audiences would require big supervision are “comic conflict scenes” including “punches, kicks, headbutts and usage of improvised weapons” and “occasional verbal references to decease and intelligence health.” According to nan organization, fans tin besides expect to spot a car chase.

A segment that is concisely shown successful nan trailer – wherever Barbie punches a man aft he slaps her butt – is besides highlighted nether “sexual unit and intersexual threat.” “There is simply a segment of intersexual harassment successful which men catcall a female and make inappropriate comments astir her appearance,” says nan BBFC study card. “A man slaps a woman’s bottom, however, his behaviour is instantly challenged and results successful antagonistic consequences.”

While astir of nan film’s connection is beautiful tame, nan BBFC warns it does includes “bleeped beardown language” and “moderate bad language” – citing nan words “motherfucker” and “bitch” – arsenic good arsenic position including “crap,” “hell” and “damn.”

The BBFC’s classification adds location are besides “gags astir ‘beaching off’ and ‘sugar daddies.'”

The U.K.’s 12A standing intends children nether nan property of 12 tin still spot nan movie if they are accompanied by an adult.

On nan aforesaid time nan BBFC awarded “Barbie” its 12A rating, connected nan different broadside of nan globe Vietnam’s ministry of civilization banned nan movie entirely aft ruling nan movie violates nan country’s “sovereignty.” The offending segment reportedly features a representation pinch nan “nine dash line,” representing China’s territorial claims successful nan South China Sea.