‘Barbie’ Film Banned in Vietnam Over Disputed Map Scene | instastori.com

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Authorities successful Vietnam person banned commercialized screenings of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.”

The Warner Bros. movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, 1 of nan astir anticipated movies of nan summer, was group to person been released successful nan state connected July 21.

The movie contains a segment that depicts a representation pinch nan “nine dash line,” a practice of China’s territorial claims successful nan South China Sea, which Vietnam says violates its sovereignty.

Vi Kien Thanh, head wide of nan Vietnam Cinema Department nether nan Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said connected Monday that nan prohibition was decided by nan National Film Evaluation Council.

Warner Bros. has not responded to Variety’s requests for comment.

Many of China’s neighbors, including Vietnam, person competing and overlapping territorial claims and powerfully conflict China’s assertions. In 2016, a United Nations disputes solution tribunal successful The Hague ruled unanimously against nan validity of nan ‘nine dash line.’ However, while nan South China Sea arbitration was last and binding, location are nary clear mechanisms for its implementation and China has said it does not admit nan decision.

“We do not assistance licence for nan American movie ‘Barbie’ to merchandise successful Vietnam because it contains nan offending image of nan nine-dash line,” said nan state-run Tuoi Tre newspaper, besides citing Vi Kien Thanh.

Similar depictions of nan “nine dash line” person antecedently caused problems for aggregate films and TV bid successful Vietnam.

DreamWorks’ animated movie “Abominable” was banned for nan aforesaid logic successful 2019 and Sony’s “Unchartered” suffered nan aforesaid destiny past year. Exhibitor CGV was fined for showing “Abominable,” and unit astatine nan Vietnam Cinema Department were disciplined for not instantly spotting nan offending images. The movie was pulled aft conscionable complete a week successful cinemas.

In 2020, nan series “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and “Madam Secretary” were told to delete scenes containing nan map. Meanwhile, successful 2021, Netflix was ordered to removed Australian spy play “Pine Gap” from nan Vietnamese market.