Backup Systems Launches Connect, an AI-Powered App for Smart Data Upload and Management for Filmmakers (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Backup Systems, nan Paris-based institution down nan proprietor of nan cloud-based app MovieChainer, has launched Connect, which is being presented arsenic nan first AI-powered app enabling smart information upload and information guidance for filmmakers.

Rolled retired connected nan eve of nan Cannes Film Market, this caller instrumentality has been created to thief filmmakers pinch non-creative tasks and has been designed to place entertainment-related data, including each sorts of creative, financial and contractual information utilized successful nan movie and TV industry.

The app scans difficult drives aliases dedicated folders successful hunt for user’s earthy worldly – scripts, videos, contracts, budgets, accounting reports etc, automatically archives files astatine nan correct spot successful user’s ain cloud-based secured drive. Connect besides identifies applicable information contained successful nan files and extract them to provender user’s database – enabling data-centric approaches and models to make intelligence for nan user. Backup Systems will beryllium astatine Cannes to coming nan app.

“We want nan first actual results of our machine-learning finance to beryllium genuinely impactful, helping filmmakers go afloat digital,” said Backup Systems CEO. He added that Connect was conceived to “constantly support your information up-to-date and tidy – beautiful overmuch for illustration a robot vacuum cleaner keeps your location tidy.”

Backup’s co-founder and partner Joël Thibout, said “data guidance is nan gateway for nan independent imaginative manufacture to afloat clasp data-centric business models and workflows.”

“Our manufacture has shifted from a craftsman-like attack to a analyzable ecosystem led by US tech giants: we intend to create a European tech span for independents of each sizes to optimize their productivity and processes.”

Mehdi Mimouni, commercialized Director for Backup Systems, said Connect complements MovieChainer, an AI-powered societal and master web created 7 years agone and allowing right-holders to exemplary and way nan ineligible and financial building of their movie projects.

“Connect is simply a game-changer for early MovieChainer users: whether migrating from bequest systems aliases from nary system/spreadsheets, our AI will automatically pursuit and extract business-related information wherever it is stored, immoderate its original format (docs, tabs, pdf etc),” Mimouni continued.

Connect was created successful business pinch nan Laboratory of Computer Science and Automatic Control for Systems, a section of nan University of Poitiers, France.

MovieChainer’s customer database includes income agents specified arsenic The Match factory, Memento International, Charades, Bankside/Head Gear, Rocket Science, arsenic good arsenic distributors, specified arsenic Caramel, producers specified arsenic Wild Side, independent studios for illustration MK2 and CyberGroup, financial institutions specified arsenic Fintage House and apical networks, notably TF1. As galore arsenic 29 of nan 95 titles showing successful nan various Cannes 2023 selections are managed pinch nan MovieChainer level – including 11 retired of nan 21 films successful competition. Backup Systems is supported by France’s Public Investment Bank (BPI France).