‘Avatar,’ ‘Star Trek’ ‘1899’ Crew to Headline Cannes Next Virtual Production Event (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Film Soho, charismatic partners of nan Cannes Film Market and Cannes Next, has revealed nan speakers for nan fireside chat astatine this year’s Global Virtual Production Summit.

The opening event, to beryllium held connected May 18, will characteristic “1899” cinematographer Nik Summerer, BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated ocular effects supervisor astatine ILM, David Vickery (“Avatar: The Way of Water,” nan Jurassic World franchise), and character Christina Chong (Star Trek bid “Strange New Worlds”) discussing nan taxable How Virtual Production is Empowering Film and Storytelling Visionaries. The chat will beryllium moderated by BBC Radio 1 movie professional Ali Plumb.

The ticketed arena will return spot astatine nan caller beachside venue Plages des Palmes. Later that evening, nan venue will play big to nan charismatic Cannes Next opening statement presented by Film Soho.

The pursuing day, nan Global Virtual Production Summit will beryllium held astatine nan main shape of nan Film Soho Innovation Hub, located astatine nan Village International. The acme will characteristic Film Soho and its partners, including disguise, V-Studios, Brompton Technology, Virtual, Hadean and stYpe.

Highlights of nan acme see masterclass sessions, sheet discussions and interactive workshops. Film Soho’s masterclass sessions will screen topics specified arsenic virtual accumulation breakdowns and accepted exemplary making mixed pinch virtual technology. Panel discussions will see subjects for illustration markerless mobility seizure and knowing trends, devices and platforms shaping nan early of cinema.

On May 20, disguise will connection a full-day virtual accumulation accelerator course, which will supply hands-on training and on-set experience.

The remainder of nan Cannes Next virtual accumulation programme will return spot connected nan V-Studios shape of nan Film Soho Innovation Hub. The shape will showcase a afloat virtual accumulation workplace powered by disguise and will beryllium positioned arsenic nan epicentre of groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge exertion during Cannes.