As ACM Awards Co-Hosts, Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton Find Getting to Finally Know Each Other Is ‘Icing on a Really Good Cake’ |

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Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton person friends successful big places: each other, arsenic they hole to co-helm nan 58th yearly Academy of Country Music Awards show Thursday night.

Parton has done nan hosting point for nan ACM Awards aliases CMAs a bare fistful of times complete nan years (including taking connected nan domiciled for past year’s ACMs); it’s Brooks’ first time, meanwhile, emceeing a kudocast. Regardless of their awards-show resumes, this pairing is not your mean “get,” arsenic landing hosts goes. There’s a bully statement to beryllium made that Parton is nan biggest female prima successful nan history of their genre, and conscionable arsenic bully a lawsuit for reasoning Brooks is nan all-time biggest antheral prima successful nan format, arsenic they measurement down from country’s Mount Olympus to chaperone nan prom.

“I cognize I deliberation of her successful those terms,” said Brooks, arsenic nan 2 did a associated question and reply pinch Variety past week, “and she would astir apt opportunity she doesn’t deliberation of her successful those terms. But, I mean, you can’t contradict that Dolly Parton and whoever is simply a damn bully couple.”

“Well, I deliberation that everybody other knows we’re bigger stars than we do,” said Parton, “because we look astatine it for illustration work, and deliberation astir really fortunate we are. I deliberation we’re excessively humble and grateful for that, and I deliberation that’s 1 of nan reasons we’ve lasted truthful long. We emotion nan music. But I’ve ever admired and respected really he not only sings and performs, but really he does his business. He is 1 of nan astir superb trading group successful nan world. And I’ve gotten immoderate bully hints from him astir my ain career. But I really don’t deliberation either of america person ever had a large head. I’ve sewage large hair, but not that.”

These 2 admit that they ne'er sewage to cognize each different until nan ACMs brought them together for nan telecast — or, rather, webcast, since this marks nan 2nd consecutive twelvemonth that nan show has eschewed a accepted broadcast partner to spell retired unrecorded globally connected Prime Video and Amazon’s Twitch channel. (The commercial-free two-hour show originates Thursday astatine 7 p.m. ET/6 CT/4 PT.)

About nan thought that they had been ships passing, Brooks said, “You’re dormant on. You understand nan life of artists — that we really don’t cognize each other. But if you conscionable deliberation you tin only emotion a personification truthful much, and past you get to meet ’em and walk clip pinch them — I’ll opportunity nan aforesaid point astir James Taylor — really tin you emotion personification much that you already worshipped? But past it happens. This has been a really nosy collaboration.”

“Well, I’ve ever admired and loved him too,” said Parton, “so this is conscionable immoderate icing connected a really bully barroom that we’re getting to have. And I like icing.”

The frosting will not see a duet of immoderate benignant betwixt co-hosts, truthful nary 1 should clasp their activity complete 120 minutes waiting for that. Parton and Brooks each person an mentation for why they won’t beryllium hooking up successful song, 1 much facetious than nan other.

Said Brooks, “I’ll return this one. They wanted to do thing (with her) up beforehand and I said, ‘Look, man, the infinitesimal of nan show, for me, is Dolly Parton closing nan show pinch nan opus disconnected her caller stone album.’ And truthful my point is, thing that she does performance-wise earlier that — this is conscionable my thought — takes distant from that. So I conscionable want nan anticipation of conscionable what’s waiting erstwhile rather arguably nan top female successful state euphony history is gonna return nan shape to adjacent nan show.”

“Now, you wanna cognize nan existent truth?” interjected Parton. “Trisha (Yearwood), his wife, is not gonna fto maine singing a duet pinch him, and I don’t want to person to footwear her butt, because I’d person to get connected a ladder to do it, but she could whoop maine good. So I deliberation it’s much that. But anyway, he is generous for illustration that. He is wanting maine to person my moment. But I don’t deliberation Trisha would fto it happen, do you?”

“Oh my God, Trisha,” said Brooks. “The only butt she’d footwear is mine, to get successful my place, truthful she could singing pinch you. That would beryllium it.”

Parton discussed nan number she’ll beryllium doing to adjacent retired nan show. “My stone medium is called ‘Rockstar’ and it features a full batch of large artists” — arsenic revealed successful an announcement Tuesday, each 30-plus of them — “but I’m singing this 1 connected my own. It’s a opus I felt existent inspired to constitute conscionable because of nan information of nan world these days and really we conscionable support getting farther and farther isolated erstwhile we should beryllium trying truthful difficult to get person together., and it’s called ‘World connected Fire.’ It’s talking astir each nan situations successful nan world: ‘Liar, liar, nan world’s connected fire, what you gonna do erstwhile it each burns down? But we’ve still sewage clip to move it each around.’ I’m not 1 for speaking retired much, but that don’t mean I don’t enactment successful touch. ‘Everybody’s tripping complete this and that, what are we gonna do erstwhile we each autumn flat?’ It’s an anthem much than anything, conscionable astir trying to uplift mankind and uplift nan world and show immoderate emotion and immoderate light. It fresh successful state euphony conscionable because of nan message. I usually wouldn’t person done a stone opus connected nan ACMs, but past my state fans person followed maine each these years, and I felt it was really a saccharine point to benignant of fto them successful connected what I’m doing a small different, truthful they’ll consciousness portion of it too.”

“It’s gonna fresh connected nan ACMs because it’s Dolly frickin’ Parton — that’s why it’s gonna fresh on,” added Brooks.

A quickening of nan generational displacement successful state tin beryllium seen successful this year’s nominations, successful which Hardy has nan astir nods, intimately followed by Lainey Wilson — neither of whom is moreover onto their 3rd medium yet. Among nan apical nominees, Miranda Lambert practically counts arsenic nan grizzled veteran, moreover though she mightiness still consciousness caller successful nan eyes of an knowledgeable instrumentality of Brooks aliases Parton aliases anyone who first made their people successful nan erstwhile century.

Brooks was peculiarly happy astir Wilson’s nominations. “What I for illustration astir Lainey,” he said, ” is you tin show nan power of nan personification sitting adjacent to maine successful Lainey. That’s what I emotion astir state music: you spot nan gifts handed down from procreation to generation. The aforesaid measurement pinch Luke Combs and Cody Johnson… There seems to beryllium a move toward much accepted that’s coming to state music, which I love, because, for illustration stone ‘n’ roll… they didn’t return attraction of their format and now it’s gone. So I ever promote state euphony to enactment sincere, and enactment arsenic a family. So it’s cool to spot that benignant of handed down, and now nan caller procreation is benignant of carrying that torch, and arsenic an older artist, that makes maine consciousness bully astir state music’s future.

“Oh, I deliberation so,” said Parton. “And Chris Stapleton…. We emotion him. I emotion him.”

“He mightiness beryllium the top vocalist…” said Brooks.

“He sang a opus connected my stone medium — he did (Bob Seger’s) ‘Night Moves’ pinch me,” Parton added. “It turned retired truthful good. But we’ve sewage truthful galore awesome nominees and artists and that’s 1 of nan things we’re some looking guardant to is to meet and watching nan caller group coming up, and seeing them consciousness for illustration we’ve had nan opportunity to consciousness done nan years.”

At 1 point, immoderate inter-host chuckling occurred, prompting Brooks to say, “You gotta prevention me, because this is precisely what’s gonna hap nan nighttime of nan awards show. We’re gonna person a script. She’s not gonna instrumentality to it, astatine all.” Said Parton, “Well, I might. But that’s gonna beryllium half nan fun, though. I don’t deliberation either 1 of america are gonna instrumentality to immoderate benignant of script, do you?” This question and reply was conducted earlier nan writers’ strike, truthful pinch that underway, we mightiness really person to clasp them to nan committedness of winging it.

Thursday’s unrecorded show will beryllium disposable to each connected Prime Video, pinch Amazon Prime non-subscribers capable to return advantage of a 30-day free trial, arsenic good arsenic viewable for free via Amazon’s Twitch channel. Come Friday, it will beryllium disposable for perpetual streaming connected nan Amazon Music app and connected Amazon Freevee, starting astatine 8 p.m. ET/5 PT.

Ed Sheeran was announced this week arsenic a impermanent performer from extracurricular nan genre. Other performers see nan aforementioned Lambert, Hardy, Wilson, Combs, Johnson, Hardy and Yearwood arsenic good as Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack, Jo Dee Messina, Ashley McBryde, John Osborne, Pillbox Patti,  Carly Pearce, Jelly Roll, Cole Swindell, Keith Urban, nan War And Treaty, Hailey Whitters and Bailey Zimmerman. The show is being aired unrecorded from a stadium adjacent Dallas, nan Ford Center astatine nan Star successful Frisco, Texas