Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Groping Women Was Wrong: ‘It Was Bulls—. Forget All the Excuses, It Was Wrong’ |

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In Netflix’s upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary bid “Arnold,” nan character and erstwhile California politician somewhat apologizes for groping women successful nan past (via Rolling Stone). Five days earlier nan 2003 California politician election, nan Los Angeles Times published a study successful which six women accused Schwarzenegger of groping and humiliating them. Schwarzenegger said astatine nan clip nan reports were “made-up” and he “never grabbed anyone,” though he besides admitted he “behaved severely sometimes” successful nan past.

“My guidance successful nan beginning, I was benignant of…defensive,” Schwarzenegger now says successful nan three-part Netflix documentary series. “Today, I tin look astatine it and benignant of say, it doesn’t really matter what clip it is. If it’s nan Muscle Beach days of forty years ago, aliases today, that this was wrong. It was bullshit. Forget each nan excuses, it was wrong.”

Despite nan allegations, Schwarzenegger still won nan election. The Los Angeles Times investigation ended up not affecting nan polls aliases moreover Schwarzenegger’s career.

“Personally, I was amazed that it didn’t person much of an effect connected nan election. I thought that much group would beryllium offended themselves,” Los Angeles Times newsman Carla Hall says successful nan documentary.

“When Schwarzenegger announced he was moving for governor, nan unit of nan LA Times instantly went into precocious cogwheel to commencement looking into stories that we had heard for years, but nary 1 had really investigated them fully,” she adds. “We had hardly six weeks to activity connected this, and we started talking to women.”

The “Arnold” documentary is being released arsenic a follow-up to Schwarzenegger’s Netflix action-comedy bid “Fubar,” which marked a return to starring roles for nan action icon. The show’s rollout besides saw Netflix humorously naming Schwarzenegger its main action officer.

Schwarzenegger’s “Arnold” debuts June 7 connected Netflix, while “Fubar” is now disposable to stream. Head complete to Rolling Stone’s website for much highlights from nan documentary.