Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls ‘Embarrassing’ Box Office Flop of ‘Last Action Hero’: ‘I Cannot Tell You How Upset I Was’ |

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has had nary shortage of hits passim his career, but he’s still embarrassed by nan lackluster reception of 1 of his would-be blockbuster’s, nan 1993 action drama “Last Action Hero.”

In nan caller three-part Netflix docuseries “Arnold,” nan bodybuilder-turned-star-turned-governor specifications his varied career, providing insights into his momentous highs and lows arsenic an action icon, including nan clip that John McTiernan’s “Last Action Hero” flopped astatine nan container office.

“I cannot show you really upset I was,” Schwarzenegger says successful nan doc. “It hurts you. It hurts your feelings. It’s embarrassing… I didn’t want to spot anyone for a week. But you support plodding along. And my mother-in-law besides said this each nan time: ‘Let’s conscionable move forward.’ It’s a awesome message.”

The very meta drama starred Schwarzenegger arsenic nan fictional action leader characteristic Jack Slater, who bonds pinch a young movie instrumentality Danny (Austin O’Brien). At nan commencement of nan film, Danny gets magically transported into Jack Slater’s fictional world. The 2 shape a formidable enslaved arsenic nan movie riffs connected Schwarzenegger’s prima persona.

Against an $85 cardinal accumulation budget, “Last Action Hero” opened to $15.3 cardinal astatine nan home container office. It vanished its world theatrical tally pinch $137 cardinal — acold from Schwarzenegger’s accustomed drafting powerfulness astatine nan time.

“When ‘Last Action Hero’ came retired I had reached my highest aft ‘Terminator 2,’ having nan astir successful movie of nan twelvemonth worldwide,” Schwarzenegger reveals successful nan docuseries.

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day” earned $31.8 cardinal astatine nan home container agency successful its opening weekend, finishing pinch a full of $520.9 cardinal worldwide. At nan time, it was nan third-highest grossing movie ever, aft “Star Wars” and “E.T. nan Extra-Terrestrial.”

In nan Netflix docuseries, “Terminator” director James Cameron recalls his first speech pinch Schwarzenegger aft “Last Action Hero” opened successful theaters.

“He sounded for illustration he was successful furniture crying,” said Cameron. “He took it arsenic a heavy rustle to his brand. I deliberation it really shook him… I said, ‘What are you gonna do?’ He said, ‘I’m conscionable gonna bent retired by myself.'” Cameron added, “That’s nan only clip I’ve ever heard him down.”

“Arnold” and Schwarzenegger’s caller scripted bid “Fubar” are streaming connected Netflix.