Apple Watch Series 9 may finally get a new processor

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The Apple Watch has efficaciously utilized nan aforesaid processor since nan S6 wrong 2020's Series 6, but it's apparently poised for a long-due upgrade. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman tells subscribers successful his newsletter Discord channel that Apple Watch Series 9 will reportedly usage a genuinely "new processor." He believes nan CPU successful nan S9 system-on-chip will beryllium based connected nan A15 spot that first appeared successful nan iPhone 13 family.

Apple has upgraded nan SoC hardware successful Watch models pursuing Series 6, but nan revisions person added functionality alternatively than CPU improvements. The S8 spot successful Series 8, Ultra and current-gen SE watches includes an updated accelerometer and gyroscope, for instance. Apart from that, it's mostly identical to nan S6.

While astir specifications stay a mystery, location are immoderate apt improvements. The S8 is still built utilizing an aged 7-nanometer manufacturing process, while an S9 is much apt to beryllium made connected a denser and much businesslike 5nm aliases 4nm process. That could not only boost performance, but widen artillery life. Apple has historically introduced caller Apple Watches successful September. 

Apple Watch Series 9 is different believed to beryllium an iterative update. Gurman antecedently suggested location will beryllium nary awesome creation aliases characteristic changes. You whitethorn get nan Bluetooth 5.3 support that came pinch nan Ultra, but location mightiness not beryllium overmuch inducement to upgrade if you already person a Series 7 aliases newer. For owners of older models, however, a speedier processor whitethorn thief warrant an upgrade connected apical of each nan refinements from caller years.