Apple's new Beats Studio headphones could support personalized spatial audio

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It has been much than 5 years since Beats past refreshed its top-end Studio headphones, but a caller exemplary could beryllium connected nan way. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is “about” to motorboat a group of Beats Studio Pro headphones. The caller exemplary reportedly features a civilization Beats spot that promises improved progressive sound cancellation and transparency mode performance. For nan first time, nan Studio statement whitethorn besides characteristic personalized spatial audio. Additionally, 9to5Mac speculates nan caller exemplary will travel pinch a USB-C larboard for accelerated charging.

Visually, nan headphones look akin to nan existent Studio3 model, though it appears Apple has done distant pinch nan “Studio” branding recovered connected nan broadside of those headphones. Based connected codenames recovered by 9to5Mac in nan soul files for iOS 16.5’s merchandise candidate, Apple collaborated pinch manner designer Samuel Ross, champion known for starting nan clothing explanation A-Cold-Wall, connected nan creation of nan Beats Studio Pro. Images nan outlet recovered successful those aforesaid files propose Apple will connection nan headphones successful 4 colorways: blue, black, brownish and white.

It’s unclear if Apple intends for nan Beats Studio Pro to switch nan $349 Studio3 headphones, aliases if nan institution plans to marketplace them arsenic a much premium offering. According to 9to5, Apple is besides moving connected a group of Studio Buds+. They will reportedly support audio sharing, automatic instrumentality switching and Hey Siri integration. The outlet suggests some products will get successful stores soon.