Amy Schumer Dropped Out of ‘Barbie’ Because Original Script Wasn’t Feminist and Cool Enough: ‘There’s a New Team Behind It’ Now |

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Long earlier Margot Robbie boarded nan “Barbie” movie and sewage Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach to constitute nan screenplay, it was Amy Schumer that was group to header nan project. Back successful 2016, Sony Pictures had nan authorities to “Barbie” and formed Schumer to prima successful a movie based connected an original thought and screenplay by Hilary Winston. Schumer and her sister, Kim Caramele, planned rewrites, but nan comedian exited nan movie little than a twelvemonth later.

“Sadly, I’m nary longer capable to perpetrate to Barbie owed to scheduling conflicts,” nan character said successful a connection to Variety astatine nan time. “The movie has truthful overmuch promise, and Sony and Mattel person been awesome partners. I’m bummed, but look guardant to seeing Barbie connected nan large screen.”

It turns retired “scheduling conflicts” was conscionable a cover. During a caller question and reply connected “Watch What Happens Live,” Schumer admitted that it was “creative differences” that drove her disconnected nan “Barbie” movie.

“I can’t hold to spot nan [Margot Robbie] movie, it looks awesome,” Schumer said. “I deliberation we said it was scheduling conflicts, that’s what we said. But yeah, it really was conscionable imaginative differences. “But you know, there’s a caller squad down it, and it looks for illustration it’s very feminist and cool truthful I will beryllium seeing nan movie.”

When big Andy Cohen asked if Schumer’s book for “Barbie” didn’t “feel feminist and cool,” nan comedian responded, “Yeah! Yeah.”

Schumer mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter last twelvemonth that Sony “definitely didn’t want to do it nan measurement I wanted to do it, nan only measurement I was willing successful doing it.” She said she should’ve known nan task wasn’t for her erstwhile nan workplace talented her a brace of Manolo Blahnik shoes to observe her casting.

The “Barbie” task yet moved from Sony to Warner Bros. aft Margot Robbie secured nan authorities done Mattel. She sewage Gerwig and Baumbach to pen nan screenplay, pinch Gerwig later boarding nan task arsenic director. Warner Bros. is opening nan movie nationwide July 21.