Amy Poehler, Selena Gomez and More A-List Actors Shift to Hosting Unscripted Hits |

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For nan 14th play of ABC’s perennial “Shark Tank,” nan business moguls were joined by a gold-plated Great White — Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The Emmy and Oscar-winning character is simply a mogul successful her ain right, having built nan manner marque Goop into a world powerhouse and taste trendsetter. Even pinch those credentials, nan finance series, which has agelong anchored ABC’s Friday nighttime and astir of CNBC’s primetime, isn’t precisely an inevitable pit extremity for Paltrow. 

But she is conscionable nan latest Emmy-nominated aliases winning character to research nan unscripted area of TV. Just this year, a slew of female actors from astir each genre either made nan jump to nan unscripted abstraction aliases reaffirmed their spot successful it. 

While Paltrow’s two-episode “Shark Tank” quality won’t suffice her for different nomination, different female performers could tribunal Emmy’s attention. 

Elizabeth Banks has spent caller years down nan camera pinch films specified arsenic “Charlie’s Angels” and this year’s buzzy “Cocaine Bear.” But for nan past fewer summers, she has been nan big of ABC’s “Press Your Luck” reboot, which has proven to beryllium a deed pinch audiences and miraculously avoided nan dreaded double whammy erstwhile it comes to cancellation. 

“Selena + Chef”

First launched during nan pandemic, Selena Gomez’s “at-home” cooking bid “Selena + Chef” connected HBO Max became a favourite for her legion of fans and a complement to her domiciled successful Hulu’s “Only Murders successful nan Building.” “Selena + Chef” precocious earned a Daytime Emmy nomination, and her activity successful nan unscripted bid could boost her chances astatine nabbing a information for lead character successful a drama astatine agelong last. 

Although “The Final Straw” was canceled aft 1 season, nan sky-high goodwill Janelle James has earned arsenic Principal Ava connected ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” could support her connected Emmy voters’ minds. The elaborate Jenga-style crippled was a bully usage of James’ charisma, and it only made her a much breathtaking contender connected aggregate fronts. 

Taking a cue from its Emmy occurrence pinch “Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy,” CNN recruited “Desperate Housewives” prima Eva Longoria for her ain practice exploration. In each section of “Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico,” she visits a different spot successful that country, exploring food, civilization and community. 

NBC’s “Password,” nan latest crippled show reboot buoyed by personage contestants, did thing smart correct retired of nan gate: it snagged Keke Palmer basking disconnected her critically acclaimed domiciled successful “Nope” past summer. Hailing from Jimmy Fallon, nan bid gave viewers and Emmy voters precisely what they want –– personage guessing games and much Palmer. 

The irresistible pairing of erstwhile “Saturday Night Live” costars Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph arsenic hosts and executive producers of Peacock’s holiday-themed “Baking It” title bid was a gift that keeps connected giving. Poehler and erstwhile “Parks and Recreation” co-star Nick Offerman were nominated 3 times arsenic outstanding big for “Baking It’s” crafting predecessor, “Making It.” This spring, she besides served arsenic nan narrator and executive shaper of Peacock’s “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning,” which follows group arsenic they declutter their lives.  

 “Live With Kelly and Mark” champion Kelly Ripa made nan jump backmost to primetime pinch her ain ABC crippled show, “Generation Gap,” which forces generations to activity together for prizes. With crippled shows now successful nan Primetime Emmys mix, her foray into caller hosting duties could snag immoderate attraction to spell pinch her galore Daytime Emmys. 

Reese Witherspoon’s accumulation institution Hello Sunshine diversified its offerings this outpouring pinch nan Apple TV+ title bid “My Kind of Country.” Witherspoon, on pinch chap executive shaper Kacey Musgraves, appeared successful nan last episodes to thief coaches Orville Peck and Mickey Guyton take state music’s adjacent large prima from places acold beyond nan agleam lights of Nashville.