Amopix, a ‘Mars Express’ Studio-Producer, To Launch Amopix Annecy   |

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At Annecy pinch 4 features, including buzzy main title introduction “Mars Express,” Strasbourg-based Amopix will create a 2nd studio, Amopix Annecy, located successful nan Route des Creuses to nan westbound of Annecy. 

The move comes arsenic Amopix, nan animation workplace down Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight title “Margarethe 89,” produced by Eddy, is embarking connected immoderate 10 caller titles, either arsenic an animation workplace aliases shaper aliases both, including Louis Clichy’s “Le Corset” and “Shalotte, an Onion for All Cases,” a TV bid produced successful world co-production, a imaginable maturation axis, Amopix laminitis Mathieu Rolin told Variety. 

Reasons for mounting up successful Annecy trim respective ways: nan location, which is highly charismatic acknowledgment to its exceptional geographical position and nan beingness successful Annecy of nan world’s biggest animation festival. 

Public assemblage policies, implemented by Citia, down nan Annecy Intl. Film Animation Festival, are backing nan improvement of a section animation assemblage pinch dedicated incentives. Based retired of Annecy and Strasbourg, Amopix tin purpose to pat backing successful some Strasbourg and Annecy metropolis and/or nan region of Haute-Savoie.

“It seems logical to person 2 regions moving together and person nan aforesaid workplace successful those 2 regions helping producers by uncovering method solutions and financial possibilities, utilizing those 2 backing sources and nan talent we have: successful Strasbourg we already person very talented and talented illustrators,” said Rolin.

Also, “Our attraction arsenic a workplace is connected backgrounds, 2D animation and compositing,” Rolin said. “We now want to grow from this base, he added, noting that Amopix has established adjacent ties pinch Annecy’s Inthebox, a 3D master which was successful complaint of 350 shots for Foliascope Annecy title introduction “The Inventor,” divided betwixt 3D VFX, clean, rotoscope search and compositing.  

From Clichy, co-director of “Asterix: nan Domain of nan Gods” and “Asterix: The Secret of nan Magic Potion,” “Le Corset,” turns connected a father-son relationship, knit by a tragic-comic touch, arsenic Christophe, an 11-year-old workplace boy, who is neglected by his father, mysteriously starts leaning to nan side, to nan constituent of falling. Eddy produces successful France. Amopix provides services. 

The thought is for “Le Corset” to beryllium nan first movie group up astatine Amopix Annecy, said Rolin.

A 26-part series, each 1 lasting 7 minutes, “Shalotte, an Onion for All Cases” is besides seen arsenic an early Annecy workplace project. A detective escapade bid for kids pinch 1 enigma per episode, it is produced by Germany’s Trickstudio Lutterbeck, Amopix and Maur Film successful nan Czech Republic. Funded by nan E.U. Media Program and various location funds, it has precocious been greenlit by German nationalist broadcaster WDR. 

Looking for world income and caller broadcasters to board, nan producers are now testing an hybrid pipeline mixing nan champion of 2D and 3D techniques successful bid to create a caller and funny crime drama for kids property 5-8 for a first season, Rolin said.  

On Jéremie Perin’s “Mars Express,” an animé tinged, noir sci-fi thriller and “a very large measurement guardant for us,” said Rolin, Amopix co-produced and arsenic a workplace supplied nan compositing. Produced by Everybody connected Deck and sold by MK2 Films, “Mars Express” is 1 of nan highest-profile titles successful Annecy’s main competition. 

The Siren Credit: Les Films d’Ici/Berlinale

Amopix co-produced and worked arsenic a workplace connected some Sepideh Farsi’s Berlin Panorama opening film, nan 1980 Abadan-set “The Siren,” which is backed by Les Films d’Ici, Lunanime, Special Touch Studios, Rêves d’Eau, Katuh Studio, Bac Cinema and Trick Studio, arsenic good arsenic Annecy WIP title “Into nan Wonderwoods,” directed by Winsshluss and Alexia Ducord, and besides produced by JSBC, Gao Shan Pictures and Zenit Productions. 

On Brazilian Rogério Nunes’ “Heart of Darkness,” Amopix useful arsenic a studio. An Annecy WIP, it recasts Conrad’s classical connected nan outskirts of a near-future Rio de Janeiro. Special Touch Studios, Split Studios and Kermatique Imagens produce.  

In all, Amopix is moving connected immoderate 10 projects, 4 features, 3 TV bid – 1 successful production, and 2 successful improvement – and 3 shorts. 

“How do I spot Amopix successful 2 years? We are consenting to create much successful world successful bid to beryllium progressive successful precocious value co-productions arsenic an introduction doorway to supply services for productions looking for precocious extremity value which tin besides pat France’s taxation rebate,” said Rolin, successful reference to nan country’s national Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP).

“We want to support it very human. The DNA of this workplace is to person very talented group who are very close, moving successful mini teams. We still want to beryllium artisanal, not a awesome manufacture unit handling very large 3D pipelines,” said Rolin. 

“But six months ago, I would person told you that we would surely not co-produce TV shows connected a European scale. So it’s ever afloat of surprises.

Heart of Darkness Credit: Special Touch Studios/ Annecy Festival