Amazon Brings Back Its $279 iPad Deal Online |

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Apple’s iPad is synonymous pinch tablets, and now, you tin get 1 for cheaper than ever, acknowledgment to this new Amazon deal.

Amazon is offering nan 9th-generation iPad connected waste for conscionable $279 online. That’s a $50 discount disconnected its regular value and nan cheapest value we’re seeing for a marque caller iPad tablet.

This iPad woody gets you a 10.2-inch tablet pinch 64GB of storage, a 12MP camera, WiFi connectivity and a gorgeous retina display, all for conscionable $279 connected (for reference, this aforesaid iPad is $329 astatine BestBuy).


Apple iPad (9th Generation) $329.00  $279.00 Buy Now On Amazon

Released successful 2021, nan 9th-generation iPad still holds up to nan latest models, pinch galore of nan aforesaid features and technology. The crisp and vivid show makes it easy to watercourse your favourite movies aliases to usage nan tablet for drafting and sketching. Apple’s “True Tone” exertion automatically adjusts nan show to nan brightness levels successful nan room, to make it easy to spot your screen, nary matter nan lighting aliases clip of day.

A 12MP ultra-wide camera gets you nan aforesaid megapixels arsenic nan latest iPad Pro ($1049,, and is awesome for crystal clear selfies and video calls. The 8MP backmost camera is cleanable for capturing photos, aliases for shooting videos, successful crisp 1080p HD quality.

Battery life is decent, pinch up to 10 hours of runtime connected a azygous charge. WiFi connectivity makes it easy to brace pinch immoderate network, while Apple’s A13 Bionic spot keeps each your apps and contented moving smoothly and quickly connected nan iPad. The ace slim creation and ray weight (less than 1 pound) make it easy to return this portable tablet connected nan go.


Apple iPad (9th Generation) $329.00  $279.00 Buy Now On Amazon

This Amazon iPad woody gets you nan 9th-generation iPad for conscionable $279 — a $50 discount. A USB-C to lightning cablegram is included on pinch an adapter. Choose to add connected an iPad lawsuit here.

This is not only 1 of nan best Apple deals online, it’s besides 1 of nan best-reviewed iPads online, pinch a 4.8-star rating (out of five) from much than 130,000 verified shoppers online. As pinch each Amazon deals, pricing could alteration immoderate time, truthful we urge adding this $279 iPad woody to cart now.