Alicia Vikander Says Her Role in Sci-Fi Thriller ‘The Assessment’ Is ‘Pretty Wild,’ and ‘Scares’ Her |

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Alicia Vikander, nan Swedish character who won an Oscar for her domiciled successful “The Danish Girl” successful 2015, has taken connected a singular scope of characters successful caller years – but is still stretching her boundaries, she says.

Speaking astatine nan Karlovy Vary Film Festival, wherever she presented nan humanities play “Firebrand” connected opening night, Vikander says she’s now prepping for films that connection distinctly different challenges than her move arsenic Catherine Parr, nan only 1 of Henry VIII’s six wives to outlive nan marriage.

One characteristic she admits she’s still deciphering is nan cardinal fig successful nan upcoming sci-fi characteristic “The Assessment,” a characteristic task pinch Paris-based writer/director Fleur Fortuné.

“I sewage nan book sent to me,” says Vikander, adding that thing astir nan communicative instantly intrigued her. Details are still nether wraps, she says, but nan movie is group successful a world of nan adjacent early successful which nan authorities decides who whitethorn person children. A mates is past notified that they are being considered arsenic candidates to beryllium parents.

Vikander, who will beryllium half of nan mates successful question, according to reports, says Fortuné’s thought stood retired from nan watercourse of scripts she is usually sent.

“For Fleur it’s her first feature. But I sewage nan book and I benignant of knew. It was 1 of those things wherever I turned nan page, past I met Fleur for nan first Zoom.”

Vikander does her homework erstwhile considering a role, she says – “It’s for illustration six months of my life.” What she learned astir Fortuné’s activity besides intrigued her.

“I really had done for illustration heavy research. And she’s done a batch of short films and euphony videos and creation activity pinch a batch of very absorbing group and she really has a clear voice. She’s really impressive.”

Fortuné, who has done wildly imaginative videos for Drake, Travis Scott and Skrillex, has besides won complete Elizabeth Olsen for “The Assessment,” which is being produced by Elizabeth Karlson and Stephen Woolley pinch Augenschein Filmproduktion and Number 9 Films.

“Quite instantly I conscionable knew I wanted to activity pinch her,” Vikander says of Fortuné. “And Lizzy Olsen, I deliberation she’s really a terrific actress.”

While she can’t yet disclose extended details, Vikander says, “It’s a beautiful chaotic part. Even nan shaper says, like, ‘What are you going to do?’ And I said, ‘I don’t cognize yet.’ Which gives you a small insight.”

A cardinal portion of nan entreaty seems to beryllium nan challenge, says nan actor, recalling really she’s shifted gears a twelve times successful caller years from awesome action films for illustration nan 2018 “Tomb Raider” reboot to play dramas to Olivier Assayas’ HBO miniseries “Irma Vep,” astir a conflicted prima caught up successful a dysfunctional accumulation squad trying to recreate a cult vampire classic.

“I’ve said a batch of times that I for illustration to do parts that benignant of scare me,” says Vikander. Fortuné’s conception fits nan measure successful that sense, she says. “I consciousness for illustration I person not gone location before.”

Vikander confesses a passion for sci-fi projects specified arsenic nan AI nightmare characteristic “Ex Machina,” which proved a breakout domiciled for her successful 2014.

“The Assessment” offers a akin acheronian position of wherever we whitethorn beryllium going arsenic a civilization, it seems. Vikander says it “has nan sci-fi facet successful that it’s group successful nan adjacent early and evidently it tin crook definite rules. But erstwhile it comes down to it, it has immoderate thriller aspects to it that I emotion successful nan genre. But it’s besides rather an existential drama, pinch very quality emotions.”

Vikander, who has hubby Michael Fassbender and their toddler boy pinch her successful Karlovy Vary, says she’s successful a spot these days wherever she tin beryllium selective – and clasp retired for films that matter to her.

“My attraction is much connected nan filmmakers and nan group involved,” she says. “I really take my projects based connected nan group I’m going to activity with.”

Fassbender, whom Vikander met while filming “The Light Between Oceans” successful 2016, will beryllium onscreen other her again soon successful writer/director Na Hong-jin’s acheronian imagination “Hope,” different upcoming project.

“Besides my hubby being 1 of my champion friends, I deliberation he’s 1 of nan champion actors of his generation. I’m ace excited to activity pinch him.”

Vikander confesses she still feels almost intimidated by Fassbender arsenic an actor, particularly erstwhile reviewing dailies of her performances. “If I’m location and sitting successful our mini cinema, that’s erstwhile I’m astir nervous. When Michael’s going to spot it.”

But Fassbender feels conscionable arsenic jittery astir Vikander seeing his earthy performances, she says pinch a laugh. “Obviously it’s activity that we attraction about.”