Ahead of ‘Barbie,’ WBD and Mattel Launch Girls’ Empowerment Initiative With Save the Children (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Ahead of nan July 21 merchandise of “Barbie,” Warner Bros. Discovery and Mattel person collaborated pinch humanitarian statement Save nan Children to motorboat a girls’ empowerment initiative.

“Barbie” stars Margot Robbie, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu and Will Ferrell look successful a text-to-donate PSA that will aerial crossed WBD’s linear, integer and societal platforms to raise money for Save nan Children, which is moving to link girls astir nan world to acquisition resources. Additionally, location will beryllium an in-show integration connected HGTV’s “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge” arsenic good arsenic user activations done different marque partnerships and a kindness auction that features tickets to nan Los Angeles and London premieres of nan movie.

The PSAs bolster Mattel’s decades-long activity pinch Save nan Children, including nan Barbie Dream Gap Project. They statesman airing connected Friday. In nan U.S., donations will support Save nan Children’s early education, summertime and aft schoolhouse programming. Internationally, they will spell towards Save nan Children’s services crossed education, health, justness and kid protection sectors.

The run is led by WBD’s societal effect solutions team, which leverages WBD’s brands and franchises to prosecute viewers, advertisers and business partners connected cardinal societal issues. The team’s halfway philanthropic attraction areas reside nutrient insecurity, disaster alleviation and intelligence wellness and well-being.

“Warner Bros. Discovery is simply a long-standing protagonist of Save nan Children, truthful we are tickled pinkish to pat into nan movie ‘Barbie’ to animate and nurture nan limitless imaginable successful young girls astir nan world,” said Louise Soper, elder vice president of world marque partnerships for Warner Bros. Pictures. “From astronaut, journalist, entrepreneur and now movie star, Barbie’s complete 250 inspirational careers punctual america that you tin beryllium immoderate you want to be, and springiness backmost to your organization too.”

“Save nan Children was established by a female who believed she could execute things others didn’t judge were possible. That bequest still guides america coming arsenic we activity to spot girls everyplace clasp their potential,” said Luciana Bonifacio, Save nan Children’s main improvement officer. “This is why we are excited to partner pinch Warner Bros. Discovery, Mattel and nan movie ‘Barbie’ to supply girls successful nan U.S. and astir nan world entree to acquisition and resources, encouraging them to judge successful their ain imaginable and execute their dreams.”

“As nan original woman empowerment brand, we couldn’t beryllium much proud to subordinate Warner Bros. Discovery during this breathtaking infinitesimal successful Barbie’s history to support Save nan Children,” said Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s executive vice president and world caput of Barbie and dolls. “Barbie launched nan Dream Gap Project pinch a world effort to level nan playing section for girls, which cannot beryllium done alone. Together, Mattel and Warner Bros. Discovery are partnering pinch Save nan Children to thief girls scope their afloat potential.”

See nan PSA below.