Actor Denee Benton Slams Ron DeSantis as ‘Grand Wizard’ in Tony Awards Speech |

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Actor Denée Benton took purpose astatine Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during Sunday’s Tony Awards telecast, referring to nan Republican statesmanlike hopeful arsenic a “Grand Wizard” arsenic she presented an grant for theatre education.

On CBS’ unrecorded telecast, Benton saluted nan 2023 recipient of nan excellence successful theatre acquisition award, Jason Zembuch Young of South Plantation High School successful Plantation, Florida. Benton noted that she is simply a Florida autochthonal and she made reference to DeSantis’ galore arguable moves connected civilian authorities successful nan authorities by connecting him to nan Klu Klux Klan achromatic supremacist organization.

“I’m definite that nan curent expansive wizard — I’m sorry, excuse me, politician of my location authorities of Florida,” Benton said, to a roar of applause from nan crowd astatine New York’s United Palace Theater. She seemed to motion to DeSantis’ legislative push successful Florida to enact racist and discriminatory policies restricting schoolhouse curriculums connected American history, among different disturbing moves during his clip successful office.

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