Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Announces Summer Programming Including Ruth E. Carter and Diane Warren Conversations – Film News in Brief |

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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures announced its summertime programming will see a caller performance movie series, nationalist events, acquisition programs and conversations pinch Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter and 14-time Oscar-nominee Diane Warren.

The events statesman connected June 1 pinch a screening of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn’s “Desk Set,” followed by a post-screening Q&A pinch Claire L. Evans and Elizabeth Youle.

On June 8, nan screening bid “A New Wave of K-Cinema: Korean Women Directors” will commence, followed by nan June 10 performance movie series, “Summer of Music: Concert Films 1959–2020.” The performance movie bid will footwear disconnected pinch a screening of “Jazz connected a Summer’s Day” and reason connected August 23, pinch “Metallica: Through nan Never successful 3D” screening.

On July 6, nan depository will observe nan departure of its landmark exhibit, “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898–1971,” and connected July 20 will showcase nan activity of nan groundbreaking constitution artist, Dick Smith, pinch “The Godfather of Makeup” exhibit. Additionally, connected July 23, “Silent Sundays” will statesman and will see screenings of silent films each week until August 27.

Throughout nan summertime programming series, nan depository will surface “Nope,” “The Godfather,” “Safety Last!,” “Last Things,” “Working Girl,” “Lilo & Stitch,” “Desk Set,” “Waikiki Brothers,” “Fantasia” and “The Beatles: Get Back — The Rooftop Concert.”

The Location Managers Guild International Announces its 2023 LMGI Board of Directors 

Daniel Finn has been elected to nan LGMI’s Board of Directors, nan Guild announced Tuesday.

Additionally, nan 2023 Officers of nan Executive Committee were revealed astatine nan May 7 Board of Directors meeting, comprised of president John Rakich, first vice president Alison Taylor, 2nd vice president Angus Ledgerwood, treasurer Ken Brooker and caput Lisa Scope.

The LGMI is an statement defined by professionals successful nan mobility picture, television, commercialized and people accumulation industries who uphold commendatory ethical standards.

“With 8 unfastened committee seats and 12 fantabulous candidates, nan 2023 predetermination results, erstwhile again, tallied nan astir votes successful LMGI history,” said predetermination committee chair, Edward Mazurek. “This is simply a testament to our nominees’ professionalism and superb reputations, arsenic good arsenic nan engagement of our membership. Congratulations to our elected 2023 Board Members.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, Finn will subordinate returning members Jimmy Ayoub (NY), Ken Brooker (Canada), Dan Connolly (UK), Mac Gordon (GA), Eric Klein (NY), Angus Ledgerwood (UK), Edward Mazurek (CA), David McKinney (CA), Robin Macdonald (Canada), John Rakich (Canada), Ryan Schaetzle (GA), Lisa Scope (AUS), Alison A. Taylor (CA) and Scott Trimble (CA).