Academy Board Adds Lou Diamond Phillips, Hannah Minghella and More, Wendy Aylsworth Elected for New Production and Technology Branch |

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced nan recently elected Board of Governors for nan 2023-2024 year.

Elected to nan committee for nan first clip are acclaimed character Lou Diamond Phillips, screenwriter Dana Stevens, executive Hannah Minghella, costume designer Daniel Orlandi and more. Among nan recently elected is exertion executive Wendy Aylsworth, who will correspond nan brand caller Production and Technology Branch. Aylsworth, who besides serves connected nan Board of Governors for nan Television Academy, spent much than 2 decades astatine Warner Bros. and became nan first female president of nan Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

In addition, six incumbents were re-elected to nan committee — Rob Bredow (visual effects), Ava DuVernay (directors), Linda Flowers (makeup artists and hairstylists), Lynette Howell Taylor (producers), Stephen Rivkin (film editors) and Debra Zane (casting directors). Also, cinematographer Ellen Kuras returns aft a hiatus.

They will subordinate returning governors Pam Abdy, Bonnie Arnold, Lesley Barber, Dion Beebe, Howard Berger, Susanne Bier, Jason Blum, Gary C. Bourgeois, Brooke Breton, Paul Cameron, Ruth E. Carter, Eduardo Castro, Megan Colligan, Bill Corso, Paul Debevec, Peter Devlin, Tom Duffield, Charles Fox, DeVon Franklin, Rodrigo García, Donna Gigliotti, Chris Hegedus, Richard Hicks, Laura C. Kim, Marlee Matlin, Missy Parker, Jason Reitman, Nancy Richardson, Howard A. Rodman, Eric Roth, Terilyn A. Shropshire, Kim Taylor-Coleman, Jennifer Todd, Jean Tsien, Marlon West, Rita Wilson and Janet Yang.

Termed-off governors from 2022-2023 see Whoopi Goldberg, Mandy Walker, Isis Mussenden, Kate Amend, David Linde, Christina Kounelias, Charles Bernstein, Wynn Thomas, Jon Bloom, Teri Dorman and Larry Karaszewski. Per Academy bylaws, pinch nan exceptions of Bernstein and Bloom, who are permanently termed-off, each others are eligible to tally again aft a two-year hiatus.

As a consequence of this election, nan Board comprises 53% women and 25% belonging to an underrepresented group aliases taste group.

Except for nan precocious established Production and Technology Branch, which a azygous politician represents, each of nan different Academy’s 17 branches is represented by 3 governors, who whitethorn service up to 2 three-year position (consecutive aliases non-consecutive), followed by a two-year hiatus, aft which eligibility renews for up to 2 further position for a life maximum of 12 years. The Board of Governors intends to group nan Academy’s strategical vision, sphere nan organization’s financial health, and guarantee its mission’s fulfillment.

The elections travel connected nan heels of Wednesday’s announcement requiring an “expanded theatrical run” for movies to suffice for nan champion image Oscar opening successful 2024.

The complete database of those elected and presently serving is below:

Elected to nan Board for nan first time:

  • Wendy Aylsworth, Production and Technology Branch
  • David I. Dinerstein, Marketing and Public Relations Branch
  • Richard Gibbs, Music Branch
  • Jinko Gotoh, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
  • Kalina Ivanov, Production Design Branch
  • Simon Kilmurry, Documentary Branch
  • Hannah Minghella, Executives Branch
  • Daniel Orlandi, Costume Designers Branch
  • Lou Diamond Phillips, Actors Branch
  • Dana Stevens, Writers Branch
  • Mark P. Stoeckinger, Sound Branch

Incumbent governors reelected to nan Board:

  • Rob Bredow, Visual Effects Branch
  • Ava DuVernay, Directors Branch
  • Linda Flowers, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
  • Lynette Howell Taylor, Producers Branch
  • Stephen Rivkin, Film Editors Branch
  • Debra Zane, Casting Directors Branch

Returning to nan Board aft a hiatus:

  • Ellen Kuras, Cinematographers Branch

Returning Governors

  • Marlee Matlin, Actors Branch
  • Richard Hicks, Casting Directors Branch
  • Dion Beebe, Cinematographers Branch
  • Jason Reitman, Directors Branch
  • Chris Hegedus, Documentary Branch
  • Nancy Richardson, Film Editors Branch
  • Megan Colligan, Marketing and Public Relations Branch
  • Jason Blum, Producers Branch
  • Missy Parker, Production Design Branch
  • Marlon West, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
  • Peter Devlin, Sound Branch
  • Paul Debevec, Visual Effects Branch
  • Ruth E. Carter, Costume Designers Branch
  • Donna Gigliotti, Executives Branch
  • Howard Berger, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
  • Eric Roth, Writers Branch
  • Pam Abdy, Executives Branch
  • Bonnie Arnold, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
  • Lesley Barber, Music Branch
  • Susanne Bier, Directors Branch
  • Gary C. Bourgeois, Sound Branch
  • Brooke Breton, Visual Effects Branch
  • Paul Cameron, Cinematographers Branch
  • Eduardo Castro, Costume Designers Branch
  • Bill Corso, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
  • Tom Duffield, Production Design Branch
  • Linda Flowers, Makeup and Hairstylists Branch
  • DeVon Franklin, Governors-At-Large, nominated by nan President and elected by nan board
  • Rodrigo García, Governors-At-Large, appointed by nan President and elected by nan board
  • Laura C. Kim, Marketing and Public Relations Branch
  • Stephen Rivkin, Film Editors Branch
  • Howard A. Rodman, Writers Branch
  • Terilyn A. Shropshire, Film Editors Branch
  • Kim Taylor-Coleman, Casting Directors Branch
  • Jennifer Todd, Producers Branch
  • Jean Tsien, Documentary Branch
  • Rita Wilson, Actors Branch
  • Janet Yang, Governors-At-Large, nominated by nan President and elected by nan board

Outgoing Board Members

  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Mandy Walker
  • Isis Mussenden
  • Kate Amend
  • David Linde
  • Christina Kounelias
  • Charles Bernstein
  • Wynn Thomas
  • Jon Bloom
  • Teri Dorman
  • Larry Karaszewski