ABC News Adds New Duo to ‘GMA3’: Eva Pilgrim, DeMarco Morgan |

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ABC News is betting connected a caller duo to support sparkling daylight astatine “GMA3.”

Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan will officially return complete arsenic co-anchors of nan program, a news-and-lifestyle hr successful nan early day that is seen arsenic an hold of nan Disney network’s flagship “Good Morning America.” Meanwhile, Gio Benitez has been assigned to nan squad astatine nan play type of “GMA.”

Staffers astatine ABC News were informed of nan determination Thursday greeting by Kim Godwin, president of nan division.

” I cognize these programs – and our viewers astatine location – will beryllium well-served by each of their corporate talents,” said Godwin successful a memo

Pilgrim and Morgan will switch Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, who parted ways pinch Disney’s ABC aft it was revealed that they had been romantically progressive pinch each different down nan scenes, starring to scrutiny that executives felt mightiness tarnish nan “GMA” franchise, 1 of Disney’s programming pillars.

Benitez, meanwhile, will stabilize a play lineup that has taken connected caller importance. ABC successful 2019 now doubled nan hours of nan show’s Saturday broadcast, starting it astatine 8 a.m. successful astir 100 markets, including New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. All told, nan two-hour Saturday broadcast reaches astatine slightest 40% of nan U.S.

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